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you saved our games”, president of Centro Caribe Sport

by drbyos

The president of Centro Caribe Sport, Luis Mejía, thanked El Salvador for assuming the great challenge of hosting the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games, and applauded the efforts made so that everything was ready in such a short time.

“Thanks to President Bukele, you have given us a great lesson, it is the lesson of having faith, of trusting ourselves. From the first contact we had, he firmly expressed that these games would be the opportunity to present this country as El Salvador, which it is today, a safe country, of hard-working people, who assumed the challenge of organizing the Central American and Caribbean Games with an impressive journey,” he said.

Mejía stressed that the country made a gigantic effort in just a year and a half, to the disbelief of many who thought that time would not allow them to carry out the works required for this sports fair.

Normally, the granting of the games is done eight years in advance; however, due to the emergency generated by COVID-19, this event was left without a venue, after Panama resigned from organizing them.

It was there that El Salvador came to the rescue, since President Bukele opted for hope, openness, the union of peoples and the work of the people.

“Thank you, El Salvador: you saved our games,” highlighted Luis Mejía.

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