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without celebrations and few goals

by drbyos

Last night, for the second date of the Qualifier for the Regional Amateur Tournament, there were no celebrations in Zone B, while in the mountain range Huahuel Niyeo and Chicago de Bariloche thrashed last Saturday. How were the results of both areas.

the allen, Alto Valle received Unión Alem Progresista, its classic rival, while in Cipolletti, Pillmatún was local against Deportivo Roca at the La Amistad property for the second date of the Regional Amateur Qualifier.

The first 30 minutes were intense at the Rayador. Tangaroa asserted the locality and dominated its rival by the sector of the right side and allowed him to generate some scoring chances. Marcelo Ramos made it 1-0 in favor of Alto Valle.

The goal woke up Gianni Moscone’s men who went to look for equality during the last 15 minutes of the first half but were unsuccessful as they left the locker room at a disadvantage.

In the plugin, the game changed in favor of Unión, which came out on the field willing to reverse the result of the marker. Finally, Julio Bonventre achieved parity that was maintained until the final whistle.

In Cipolletti, Pillmatún had his debut against Deportivo Roca in the Qualifier. Both teams staged a match with little emotion, a lack of goals that was reflected in the 0-0.

The next date on Allen’s Mage will receive the Pillmatún AcademyLa Amistad to Deportivo Roca while Alto Valle must meet a free date.

Regional Amateur 2023: How was the second date in Zone A

In the other area, on Saturday Huahuel Niyeo was able to come back after the stumble against Estudiantes de Bariloche on the first date and beat Los Menucos 4-0 with goals from Jose Luis Parra, Gabriel García and Matías Beroiza (2).

On the other hand, Chicago de Bariloche debuted with a resounding 3-1 victory against Mallín Nehuen. Jonathan Figueroa and Sebastian Barrera (2) converted for El Toro while Héctor Sepulveda discounted for the visit.

For Zone A, on the next date Los Menucos will receive Chicago, while Estudiantes -who had a free date- will do the same with Mallín Nehuen.

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