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With the debut of Darío Bonjuor, Cipolletti receives Germinal for Federal A

by drbyos

For several reasons, This afternoon’s match between Cipolletti and Germinal at La Visera de Cemento arouses special interest. Albinegro comes from the free date, he has not played at home for three weeks and in the middle there were changes that renew the illusion. It will be for the date 16 of Federal A football.

DT Christian Lovrincevich left and Darío Bonjour arrived, who will make his debut today in the club since 4:00 p.m. against Rawson’s team, with arbitration by Matías Billione from Cordoba Carpio.

Besides four reinforcements arrived, one of them presented yesterday. He The last to join was Nehuén García, a youth of the club who in 2018 went to Independiente and had filming on the reservation. He is 21 years old and is a left back but could also play as a midfielder.

Before the forwards José Michelena and Jonatan Palacio and the midfielder, Lucas Argüello arrived. Of the four reinforcements, the fact that He has a chance to be a starter today is Michelena.

Bonjour tried different equipment since his first practice 9 days ago. You will not be able to count on three suspended players. In the last match, with a 1-0 defeat against Santamarina in Tandil, Maxi Amarfil was expelled and they reached the limit of 5 yellow Elvis Hernandez and Leandro Wagner.

damien Jara will return to the right side recovered from a blow to the ribs while Alejo Tabares is shaping up to be the left winger. Also returns in defense Ezequiel Rodríguezwho has already served a suspension date for reprimands.

The probable eleven for this afternoonwith a 4-4-2 scheme, is with: Curly; Jara, Rodríguez, Berra, Tabares; Pettineroli, Funes, Schultz, Doello; Michelena and Cabral.

So much Cipo and Germinal come from two consecutive defeats in the tournament and against the same rivals: Villa Miter and Santamarina. Both They are out of the qualifying zone and Albinegro has the chance to beat the Chubutenses on the table with a win today.

Cipolletti is confident that this afternoon the maximum of a coach who makes his debut wins and that the Bonjour cycle begins on the right foot.

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