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Why the 2023 bonus is charged in June

by drbyos

Las domestic workers can access the aguinaldo 2023like all registered workers, whose first installment is charged in the middle of the yeari.e. in June. Is about an extra salary that is paid in Two partsand the second of them is perceived in December.

As established by the Law employment contracthe Christmas bonus is one twelfth of the total remuneration received by workersin this case for the domestic workersin the calendar year.

Each bonus corresponds to 50 percent of the highest monthly remuneration received by the domestic employeewithin each of the semesters.

The first installment of aguinaldo 2023 for the domestic workers is paid, as a cap, on the last working day of Junethat this year is the friday june 30.

However, that term can be extended up to four business daysthat is, until on Thursday, July 6 inclusive.

Domestic employees: the 2023 Christmas bonus must be included in the salary receipt

For domestic workersboth in the Christmas bonus quota for June 2023 as in the next one in Decemberthe employing party must add the bonus to the salary receipt.

To do it, the system enables the loading of this option, after the cell where the age is indicated. The receipt must be generated in the portal Private houses from the AFIP websiteafter entering with clave fiscal in option “Generate salary receipt”.

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