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Why “Las Palmas” could not reopen its doors in Neuquén

by drbyos

The reopening of the dance venue where the “Las Palmas” bowling alley operated in Neuquén capital and Sergio Ávalos was last seen, it would seem not finally come to fruition. It is that this Thursday the Executive of the city presented a draft ordinance in the Deliberative Council that seeks the prohibition of dance activity on the property where it is intended to open “Sens”, the new name of the premises. In the end, he did not get the votes and went to commission, but the MPN will try to have the nomenclature change that prohibits night activity in Primeros Pobladores, between Linares and the multitrocha, be voted on at the July 6 session.

The opening of the new dance venue “Sens” that was intended to open on July 8 with a different proposal and the presence of a great DJ would seem verse threatened by a draft ordinance that forbids it.

According to the new owner, the proposed prohibition sought by the Executive would not have to do with the fact that the dance venue was the last place where the disappeared young man Sergio Ávalos was seen alive, 20 years ago, as some people suspected. “The bowling alley worked many years after that tremendous event, however now they want to ban it”counted.

The municipality explained the reasons that have to do with the new ordinance and would reside in not have the prefectability of land use for the development of commercial activity. At the Undersecretary of Commerce The process for the authorization of the license never began from the dance venue Las Palmas”, they assured from the executive.

They affirmed that the building where they want to develop the activityIt is not compatible with the danceable use in the zone of First Settlers No. 2015” and argued that the pre-feasibility result initiated through the “Basic Environmental Parameters Form, in June 2023” was negative. “In no way can a business license process be initiated because the enabling pre-feasibility is a necessary condition,” they explained.

From the municipality they detailed that the item “dance confectionery – disco” It is only allowed in the areas called PR (Parque Ribereño). And they warned that the current regulations imply that in the face of the development of commercial activities without authorization, they will elaborate fines ranging from 200 to two thousand modules, in addition to the closure.

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