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Why are there double or more increases?

by drbyos

Given the widespread concern about electricity bills with exorbitant amounts for some families and consumers of Río Negro, the distribution company Edersa came out to explain and anticipate what is being a question. Why did the prices skyrocket?

From Edersa, they officially assured that the bill “will increase approximately twice for those who lose the national subsidy”, in a public statement this Wednesday at noon.

today a user who consumes 200 kW/h per month, N2 (maintaining the subsidy) pays around $5,980 per month, while a user who consumes the same (200 kW/h per month), N1 (without subsidy) would pay around $11,960 per month, according to data collected by RIO NEGRO.

Today this problem of the increases in the latest bills is mainly affecting users who lost the national subsidy.

A family from Balsa las Perlas told their testimony to this medium. They went on to pay from 15,000 to 42,000 pesos approximately in the last issuance of the electricity bill. The neighbor who recounted his case, Esteban, explained that this amount came to them asn a bimonthly consumption of 970 kilowatts, that for them “it is not an extremely exaggerated consumption,” he assured.

The particularity of this home is that they do not have gas and are heated with electricity. “Now we change to radiators that have a thermostat and therefore have better regulation and optimize consumption,” said the neighbor, and for this reason they expected less.

«The influence is in the cost because if you compare the bill of the last two-month period and this one, there is a change in the cost of 18 pesos per kilowatt to 30″, he commented.

Likewise, an entrepreneur in the area who uses ovens for ework their products will spend 60,000 pesos of light, according to data collected by this medium.

RIO NEGRO consulted Edersa which is the average residential consumption of users and they answered that it is 400 kw/h per bimester. There are exceptions in cases of very important residences with a large number of appliances or that use heaters. Around 8% of residential users consume more than 900 kW/h every two months, according to official data.

Why rates “doubled”

Part of the reasons is that the national government defined, as of June 1, the total removal of the electricity subsidy in the cost of electricity supply, explained from Edersa. This removal will have a strong impact on the invoices that will reach the so-called “N1 users”who “will pay approximately double what they have been paying for the same consumption.”

N1 users are those with family income equal to or greater than $930,500.43, whoThey own 3 or more vehicles that are less than 5 years old or have 3 or more properties. But there were also thousands of people in this group who have not yet carried out the so-called rate segmentation, that is, the procedure that the Nation ordered to see who, due to their income, need a subsidized electricity or gas rate, and who does not.

The users who did carry out the segmentation process, and were accepted by the National Energy Secretariat, may have entered the g“N2” group (maintains full subsidy) or “N3” (maintains subsidy up to 400 kw/h per month, and pay full rate for excess).

From the distributor, they explained that the electricity bill is divided into three components:

49% of the amount is for “Supply cost”, that is, the energy that is purchased in the Wholesale Market, which is charged to the user and returned in full and directly to Cammesa

28% corresponds to “Taxes” national, provincial and municipal

The remaining 23% is for the “Added Value of Distribution” (VAD)with which Edersa operates, invests, pays salaries, makes investments, among others.

RIO NEGRO consulted what was the last increase in this item to which Edersa assured that it was between 3 and 4%, in final rate.

The reasons and concerns of the rise so high

«The National State subsidized the Cost of Supply, but to reduce the fiscal deficit it decided to remove the benefit for the sector of society with the highest income. AND As this Supply Cost is the component that has the most weight in the invoice, the increase for the “N1” will be more than important, “they assured from Edersa.

They officially expressed their concern about “the number of users who are still at Level N1. To date, there are almost 80,000, 36% of all residential users»they officially alerted.

“We are sure that there are many who did not carry out the Segmentation process due to ignorance or lack of information, so it is essential that they do so,” explained the Edersa’s general manager, Raúl Barhen.

How to process or claim

Those Users who have not yet done so can still carry out the Fare Segmentation processthat on the Edersa website, entering the link (click here) and on the Argentina website.

From Edersa, placed special emphasis on carrying out the Fare Segmentation procedure for those who did not do so Since losing the national subsidy and remaining as “N1” users, the impact on bills will be very high.

Before any Doubts, queries or complaints can call 08102229500 or send an email to edersa@edersa.com.ar.

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