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Who won the elections in Córdoba?

by drbyos

Martin Llaryoracandidate for governor of Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba, led this morning by 3 points over Louis Judgethe candidate of Together for Change, with the 94.9 percent of the polling stations of the elections held yesterday in that district.

LLaryora -whose postulation was promoted by the force of the current Cordovan governor, Juan Schiaretti- added 42.76 percent of the votes (822,057 votes) against 39.76 percent (764,406 votes) obtained by Luis Juez.

In third place was Encuentro Vecinal Córdoba, with the candidacy for governor of Aurelio García Elorrio with 3.01 percent of the votes, while in a relegated fourth place, with 2.49 percent of the votes was the candidate of La Libertad Avanza, the force led by Javier Milei, in the district, Agustin Spaccesi.

I agree with you official counts of provisional scrutiny In the province, the Left Front and Workers Unity was in fifth place, with the candidacy of Liliana Olivero, who garnered 2.37 percent of the vote.

According to those records, the level of participation in the register was 68.27 percentthat is to say that three out of every 10 Cordoba men and women in a position to vote, did not go to the polls yesterday.

Meanwhile, in the category of provincial legislators, Together for Change was in first place with 35.39 percent of the voteswhile the official coalition, Hacemos Unidos Córdoba, was located in the second place with 35.07 percent of the votes.

Further back, with 3.49 percent of the votes was Encuentro Vecinal Córdoba, while in fourth place the Left Front was located with 3.05 percent of the votes and in Fifth place La Libertad Avanza with 2.71 percent of the votes.

The Superior Court of Justice (TSJ) of Córdoba began an administrative investigation into the delay in counting the votes for the 2023 Córdoba gubernatorial elections. The head of the TSJ, Domingo Sesín, confirmed this measure and stressed that, despite the delay, “The transparency of the electoral process is guaranteed.”

The investigation will focus on the company hired to count the votes, with the aim of determining the corresponding responsibilities. Sesín emphasized that the delay it is due to problems in data transmission and does not affect the essence of the scrutiny or the popular will expressed through the ballot box.

The candidate for governor for the pro-government coalition Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba, Martín Llaryora, who prevailed with 42.76% of the votes in the elections held yesterday, assured that, with his management, “another province, a new era” will begin. In addition, he assured that he will expand the government “to different sectors to seek more agreements, more consensus.”

«Starting in December we will work for all Cordoba. We are grateful for these 24 years but now the best begins, because we are a new way of doing politics, a new generation. Another province begins, a new era, we will make the necessary reforms“, asserted the current mayor of Córdoba and governor elected by the provincial government, today headed by Juan Schiaretti.

Elections 2023, in Córdoba: who were the candidates for governor

In total, there were 11 lists of candidates that were presented to succeed the outgoing Peronist governor Juan Schiaretti (Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba-HUxC), that promoted for his replacement the formula that leads Martín Llaryora for governormayor of the capital, accompanied by Myriam Prunotto, radical community leader in use of license from the population of Juárez Celman.

The Juntos por el Cambio alliance promoted the formula of national senator Luis Juez and for deputy to the national deputy, president of the provincial radicalismo and mayor in use of license of the town of General Cabrera, Marcos Carasso.

The space “I believe in Córdoba de Todos”, which represents local Kirchnerism, carried the government formula of Carlos Federico Alesandri (mayor of the town of Embalse) and Gabriela Estévez (national deputy).

The remaining lists correspond to “Córdoba Neighborhood Meeting”, which was by the pairing made up of Aurelio García Elorrio (president of that sector) and María Rosa Marcone (provincial legislator); while the Left Front and Workers-Unidad agreed on the Liliana Olivero-Soledad Díaz formula.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democratic Development Front he took the duo Guido Eiben-Gabriel Bornoroni on his ballot; Libertad Avanza decided on the formula with Agustín Spaccesi-María Cristina Lagger and the “Movement to Socialism” promoted the Julia Di Santi-Miguel Díaz pairing.

The Humanist Party proposed Fernando Schüle-Griselda Osorio; the Popular party nominated Patricia Sarmiento-Roberto Zarantonello; while the Federal Popular Union competed with the duo Mario Peral-Romina Arias.

Elections in Córdoba: the national leadership of Together for Change put the magnifying glass on Córdoba

After the official closure of candidacies, the national leadership set the lens on Córdoba. Although Formosa also goes to the polls, the Mediterranean territory is the second electoral district after the Province of Buenos Aires (PBA). with a little more than three million votes.

Currently, Córdoba is governed by Juan Schiaretti, who yesterday formalized his presidential candidacy. In this context, he chose for the provincial contest Martin Llaryora to try to retain power.

Llaryora’s victory now gives a more than important boost to Schiaretti, who could capitalize with a photo on a national chain.

On the other hand, it is found Louis Judge y Together for Change. Three weeks ago, the senator had to drive to the city of Buenos Aires to hit the board at the national headquarters of the Radical Civic Union (UCR), venue for the meeting of JxC presidents.

There a debate was attempted that was frustrated by the attempt to form a “Front of Fronts” in which Schiaretti would land. The main promoter of the idea was -and is- Rodríguez Larreta, with the support of all the members of JxC, except for the other presidential candidate of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, who prevented the action from taking place through her bishop on the executive table of space, Federico Angelini.

Another of those who joined the controversial move was former President Mauricio Macri, who the day after that meeting in the Federal Capital, appeared with a Judge at the Córdoba Stock Exchange.

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