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who was Pablo Córdoba and what is known about the case

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The death of Pablo Córdoba, a 21-year-old soldier in Zapala, is still surrounded by doubts in Neuquén. His family, convinced that it was a homicide, became a plaintiff in the case and demanded that the investigation be speeded up.. The young man has two shots to the head, presumably from a FAL rifle, so his family rules out the possibility that he took his own life. What happened.

The death of Pablo Córdoba is not an isolated case in the Army. His family is looking for clear official answers and generated his own line of investigation, while demanding that federal justice move quickly to clarify the facts.

Soldier who died of two shots in Zapala: who was Pablo Córdoba

Pablo Jesús Gabriel Córdoba, just turned 21, had been a volunteer soldier for ten months. He lived in Zapala, practiced volleyball, boxing and according to his mother Natalia Uribe he had proud eyes. His chin trembled when he told a naughty lie.

Daiana, her sister, says that she liked the job. I planned to go to military college to pursue an officer’s career.

His father, Juan José Córdoba, is a non-commissioned officer and works at the Logistics Support Base, next to Artillery Group 16. Both form the Zapala Military Garrison.

Soldier who died of two shots in Zapala: what happened and what are the suspicions of Pablo Córdoba’s family

Last Thursday, June 1, the soldier Pablo Córdoba lost his life in unknown circumstances while doing his guard duty. Despite more than a month having passed since the tragic event, his family is still waiting for answers about what happened.

The soldier’s mother, Natalia Uribe, revealed that since he entered the hospital seriously injured, they learned that he had been shot twice in the head, so they ruled out the hypothesis of suicide.

A Despite promises of prompt autopsy results, 25 days passed without receiving official information. They were only provided with a medical report describing the location of the two fatal shots that killed the young soldier.

According to the data provided by the family, one of the projectiles entered from below the chin in an upward direction, exiting in the forehead, while the other hit the right temple and came out the other way.

The family also expressed his concern over the apparent inaction of Córdoba’s superiors in relation to the ongoing investigation. Although the head of the 16th Artillery Group, where the soldier served, offered to accompany and provide support to the family, they affirmed that they received no real interest from the authorities in seeking the truth.

“The lawsuit has its own line of work,” assured the lawyer, Maximiliano Orpianessi, who represents the victim’s family. “We are investigating it as a homicide”said.

He anticipated that among other measures, they requested an expert work that integrates ballistic studies, autopsy and testimonial statements.

Soldier who died of two shots in Zapala: what did they say from the Army

Lieutenant Colonel Ignacio García Solorzano pointed out that the officer in charge and the soldier who was going to relieve Córdoba were the ones who found the tragic scene. According to his statements to Cadena Uno, “They detected that he had taken his own life with a rifle”.

There are other versions that contradict it. some witnesses they say they went looking for Pablo Córdoba when they heard the shots, around 6 a.m. on June 1. They also mention that they tried to communicate with him by radioand did not respond.

«When the Army authorities become aware of what happened, they inform the Federal Police that they found a volunteer soldier who had inflicted two shots from a firearm on himself.Orpianessi had pointed out, in BLACK RIVER.

Last Friday the person who found Córdoba declared, and then two other soldiers on duty. In his statement, the first mentioned that the rifle was 90 centimeters away from the body, and the others stated that the weapon was above Pablo’s body. These data provided were seen as “totally contradictory” by the soldier’s family.

The cause for the death of Pablo Córdoba is in charge of federal judge Hugo Greca, who subrogates the Federal Court of Zapala from General Roca. However, the family expressed their dissatisfaction with the slowness of the process, calling it a “mockery” and feeling “cheated”. For this reason, they constituted themselves as plaintiffs to give impetus to the investigation.

Only on Friday, Greca would go from Roca to Zapala to make a visual inspection at the scene: 36 days later.

Soldier who died of two shots in Zapala: imprecise data and what remains to be clarified after the death of Pablo Córdoba

Until now it is not known if the projectiles that wounded Córdoba in the head came from the rifle found next to or on the body. The bullets have an entry and exit hole, and would not have been recovered for comparison.

The day of the event they found a served pod, and ten days later another, with a metal detector.

The rifle did not have the magazine on, according to some witnesses, and a ballistics expert did not check it at the time.

No criminal specialist intervened at the scene of the event. in the first and decisive hours. Federal Police personnel he put in bags everything he foundwithout classifying or preserving the chain of custody, according to what is stated in the first minutes.

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