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Who is Ezequiel, Silvina Luna’s brother who offered to donate a kidney to her

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Silvina Luna is hospitalized in therapy intensive care and with a respirator at the Italian hospital in the city of Buenos Aires. The model’s health worsened product of malpractice by the plastic surgeon Aníbal Lotocki.

Fernando Burlando, the actress’ lawyer, pointed out that Silvina Luna is “in critical condition”. Burlando also reiterated his request to suspend the registration Lotocki as a doctor, something that justice has so far dismissed despite the sentences that already weigh against him.

After interventions carried out by the surgeon Aníbal Lotocki, Silvina Luna suffered a methacrylate poisoning, which caused hypercalcemia and kidney failurefor which he received dialysis treatment.

In mid-May of this year, in an interview with Ángel de Brito for the LAM program, Silvina Luna had indicated that although his disease required a transplanteven this procedure was not “urgent”, since, in addition, it was necessary to hope to “solve a health issue”, in reference to the presence of a bacterium in your body.

Who is Ezequiel, Silvina Luna’s brother, who offered to donate a kidney to her

Silvina Luna, who is hospitalized in serious condition, He was waiting to enter the Incucai waiting list. She herself had revealed the touching gesture that his brother, Ezequielby offering to be his kidney donor.

Ezequiel, Silvina Luna’s younger brother.

Relatives of mine offered to donate a kidney to me. It’s still missing and I don’t want to get ahead of myself. First I have to be on the Incucai list”, Silvina had explained in Agarrate Catalina with Catalina Dugli and added: “One of the people who volunteered was my brother, but it still gives me a thing to talk about it. I know he is there, but it all depends on many things and I want to go step by step ”, he had added.

Ezequiel, a brother five years younger than Silvinawas unconditionally by her side when she had to be hospitalized last year during her participation in “The Hotel of the Famous”.

In addition, in his last appearances, The model said that the young man is her primary support, since they do not have living parents. For some time now, Ezequiel has lived in Buenos Aires. He left Rosario behind to accompany his sister in this difficult moment.

This morning it was learned that Ezequiel was in the sanatorium where she is hospitalized the model but He did not want to have contact with the press.

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