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Who benefits blank vote

by drbyos

Despite voting is mandatorynot all issues are valid in Argentina. Who benefits from the blank vote in the 2023 elections, according to the National Electoral Chamber.

Los elections to elect president will have its first instance in the PASO of August 13when the final candidates who will compete in October and will give the winner to the political space that takes office on December 10day on which 40 years of uninterrupted democracy will be celebrated.

Who benefits blank vote

According to the National Electoral Chamber, there are two types of valid vote: the affirmative and the blank. He first corresponds to the choice of one of the available electoral options. While the blank vote is when no ballot or any other piece of paper without any type of image or inscription is placed in the envelope.

He national body determines that the blank vote is “a tool that voters have to express their disagreement with all the candidates and with the proposals made by the political parties”.

According to the current Constitution of 1994, only in the PASO elections are the blank votes included in the total number of votes for the different political spaces. While in the general elections it is different.

In the general elections, blank votes are transferred to the candidate with the fewest points. In the opposite case, if there is a candidate who obtains the necessary percentage to win in the first round, the blank votes are not counted.

In this sense, a candidate must get more than 45% of the positive votes cast to win in the first round or, in any case, more than 40% with a difference greater than 10 points in relation to the second force.

Contested, null and appealed vote

The contested, null and appealed votes are outside the “valid”«. It is considered as void vote when false or several ballots from different political groups are used. Also when objects that have nothing to do with the elections are inserted into the envelopelike drawings.

The contested votes are all those whoThe polling station authorities consider that the voter does not own the DNI that they presented. In this case, it is the Electoral Justice who must determine the validity of the vote.

While I know count as votes appealed to those who are questioned by any of the party prosecutors, regarding validity or nullity. If the Electoral Justice considers that they are valid, they are incorporated into the corresponding party.

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