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When Neuquén was just a handful of dirt streets

by drbyos

Today, again, we are going to give way to the images and add a few words. These are photographs rescued by the Facebook group “Neuquén of Yesterday”, of settlers born and raised or arrived in this land in another time, who managed to return to the memory that small town that was forged as the great capital of the Territory of Neuquén.

Those were times of land diagonals, of businesses that came to make history. Of those who were able to detect the main needs of a city, such as the large general trade that later became the first delivery in the capital.

It was 1920 and the streets of Bass Neuquén They were all dirt, used by horse-drawn carts. A Central park surrounded by barbed wire fences and a couple of gates put up by Ferrocarriles del Sud. The train passed every day, several times a day.

From the current Belgrano-Alderete street to the north of the city, everything was dunes and desert Today modern and tall buildings proliferate.

They were times of a city ​​Council of four or five members, who already knew where the new capital had to go.

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