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what you should keep in mind when driving

by drbyos

At this moment it is not snowing in the Lanín National Park, but the snowfalls of the last few days were intense, as cold as it is. About 30 centimeters of snow accumulated and this morning the park rangers FlOrencia Andrade, Gustavo Arce, Mariano Calvi and Agustín Barranco went out to explore this icy landscape dressed in white and they portrayed it that way.

The Lanín National Park, located in the southwest of the province of Neuquén. The reserve has an area of ​​more than 412,000 protected hectares, a volcano, which of course is called Lanín, is home to seven Mapuche communities, 24 lakes, 770 species of flora and three towns.

The Municipality of the Lanín National Park reported that, due to the weather conditions, the roads and routes in the region present sectors with accumulation of snow and ice. That is why it is requested to circulate with extreme caution and take all the relevant precautions.

What to keep in mind when traveling with snow

– It is necessary to find out in the National Highway Administration the status of routes and roads before leaving, in

Main recommendations:

☑ The different trails and areas of public use are inserted and exposed to the natural processes typical of the environments of a National Park, such as the fall of branches and trees that is frequent, for this reason it is important to avoid outdoor activities.

☑ To go out into the mountains it is mandatory to register trekking online at least 48 hours before. Registration is done at: www.pnlanin.com.ar RECORDS tab.

☑ Before going sailing, consult the Argentine Naval Prefecture on the status of the ports and navigation at 106.

☑ Do not take shelter under trees, poles or power lines.

☑ Check the conditions of the vehicle: antifreeze, chains, lights, the height of the car and the path to travel.

☑ Low temperatures and frost leave large patches of ice that are not visible, but can be fatal. Be careful in shady places on the routes as they have black ice.

☑ In the event of any inconvenience, place the beacons at 50 or 60 meters. of the car.

☑ Remember that distances and weather make transit difficult.

☑ In the face of a strong snow storm, it is recommended not to go out. Be responsible for your life and for people who are at great risk in rescues.

☑ Pay attention to the closure of circuits, roads and paths due to the accumulation of snow.
‼ The current state of the roads can change drastically according to weather conditions.

Remember that carrying chains is mandatory, as is their use in the presence of snow/ice en route.

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