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what to think about before signing at the notary?

by drbyos

Question to an expert

I sign at the notary in a few days for the purchase of a house, what should I do before this appointment?

When signing the deed of sale at the notary, the buyer pays the purchase price to the seller, who gives him the keys – this is the last step! The buyer must, before this appointment, ensure the good condition of the property and the effectiveness of the payment of the funds.

When he summons him, the notary sends him the financial statement of the operation, detailing the balance of the sale price and the costs of the deed. The purchaser must make the payment of his personal contribution and ensure that the bank pays the loans. If the pro rata property tax and any condominium fees are not on the statement, bring your checkbook.

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Except to acquire a new building, real estate is acquired ” as is “. They must be revisited just before signing to ensure that they are in good condition. The buyer must also check that the property is free of occupants and empty of furniture (except those left by mutual agreement).

Do not forget to revisit all the annexes – attic, cellar, parking, etc. Has the property been the subject of a claim? The seller must declare it to his insurer. The visit will also be an opportunity to read the meters.

As soon as the deed is signed by all parties, the purchaser is the owner and assumes the risks. It is therefore essential to arrive at the notary having had the property insured. Deeds of sale are now generally signed in electronic format and therefore time-stamped. If a loss occurs on the day of the signature, the insurer could check the time of signing of the act, to determine who is responsible for taking charge.

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