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What is the situation of pediatric guards in Bariloche

by drbyos

Since the end of the pandemic, the Ramón Carrillo de Bariloche public hospital has pediatricians who attend the offices and others exclusive to attend the pediatric guard.

At the moment, 10 pediatricians carry out the service of offices with scheduled shifts, others 6 are destined for pediatric intensive care, 5 work in health centers, there are 7 Pediatric residents and 6 doctors attend the pediatric ward.

«Some time ago, we did not have pediatricians on duty but we managed with the staff of the ward. Now we have exclusive staff. There are 24-hour pediatricians in the central guard”indicated Víctor Parodi, doctor in charge of the Bariloche hospital.

The bulk of care in the pediatric ward, he assured, is given from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. In the interim, there are two pediatricians in the central ward who care for an average of 35 boys per day.

Today, there is only one patient admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and in the general ward, only 70% of the pediatric beds are occupied by respiratory pathologies.

«There is an increase in patient consultations -with and without social work-, but we cannot speak of collapse. It does not mean that we will not have it. It must be taken into account that what happens in other parts of the country, arrives here four or six weeks lateParodi warned.

He commented that, in addition, they usually receive patients from the private sector with severe respiratory pathologies. “In general, they refer them to the public sphere when they require a high-flow mask (which we have left over from the Covid). In this way, a patient is prevented from entering the respirator,” he clarified.

In relation to the number of pediatricians, he highlighted: «We can say that the base of pediatricians is covered, but without a doubt, there is a lack of people. More if we think about the new hospital in the coming months. And he mentioned the 15 health centers covered by 5 pediatricians who perform primary care.

“If we look at large pediatric hospitals in Buenos Aires, such as Ludovica or Gutiérrez -he added-, there are many pediatricians leaving for economic reasons. Or they choose other specialties, or areas that are not so critical, or because they do not want to continue doing guard duty.

In the exodus of professionals, Parodi mentioned the worrying situation of Bariloche, as a tourist city, given the lack of rents and disproportionate values. «Many doctors cannot rent and end up going to other places to do their residencies. In other cases, doctors have a job proposal, but the appointment takes so long that we end up losing human resources. Our need does not go hand in hand with administrative processes », he stated.

What about the private

The two private healthcare centers in Bariloche, the San Carlos sanatorium and the Regional Private Hospital (HPR), have pediatric guards 24 hours a day throughout the week.

Today the guard of the San Carlos sanatorium, at kilometer 1 of Bustillo avenue, registers an average of 80 queries per day. «Like every year, in winter pediatric consultations double. Today, 95% of consultations are for respiratory symptoms,” described Carla Angelelli, head of Pediatrics at the San Carlos sanatorium.

This private center has 16 pediatricians. One of them deals with hospitalizations, two with guards and the rest provide care in the clinics.

«What we notice is the fatigue of the doctors. The pediatrician does not feel as valued and the consultation values ​​are low. Luckily, we have a lot of replacement pediatricians. A lot of young people come from Buenos Aires. For this reason, we maintain the number of pediatricians,” Angelelli said.

The HPR pediatric guard works in the Maternal and Child Institute building, at Villegas 436. Recently, the 60 daily consultations increased to 110.

At this time, they have a pediatrician on call, another in pediatric hospitalization, and another professional in the office. “There is an exodus from the specialty, but the hospital invested to be able to keep pediatricians and look for new ones, even offering accommodation,” they indicated from the care center.

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