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What is Sens like and why does he assure that he is different from his predecessor?

by drbyos

The emblematic dance venue of Neuquén“The Palms”, where the student Sergio Ávalos was last seen there, It will reopen its doors on July 8. It will do so under the name of “Sens”a proposal that claims to be different. The owner spoke about the Ávalos case and the project. In addition, he commented on the opening with the presence of DJ Fer Palacio.

Las Palmas is the bowling alley that for a long time functioned in a large hall on the street First Settlers 2015, recognized in the city and one of the largest. Due to the pandemic it closed, but that did not prevent its new owner, Nicolas Vaamonde, from seeing its potential, and a year ago began with the project that will have its inauguration next month. «The project is beautiful, we were able to change absolutely everything, Nothing remained of what it was before”indicated.

Vaamonde mentioned that the little nightlife in the city was one of his motivations. Although he affirmed that the authorized places are very beautiful, he indicated that They are few and have reduced spaces. Also, the idea of ​​a big bowling alley that has space for both young people and adults, finished convincing him.

«The idea is to have the possibility that many people enter the bowling alley, that everyone can enter, obvious with two sectors to divide the ages, “explained the owner of Sens. The Adults will be able to meet people their own age just like the younger ones.

He also spoke about the disappearance of Sergio Ávalos and his connection with the dance venue, since it was there where was last seen and the investigation pointed out that he had been assaulted to death by the security of the place.

«I have the information that the media have brought to light, Sergio’s misfortune happened 20 years ago and the bowling alley was open until three years ago and under the same conditionsVaamonde said. «It is a disgrace and hopefully sooner or later know what happened“he added.

Regarding insecurity, he mentioned that more than 70 security cameras were installed at the site. “I want people to feel safe and secure in this place,” he said. He added that there was also added a dome with face identification.

“Las Palmas” reopens: the details of Sens and the opening

As its owner, Nicolas Vaamonde, mentioned, a year ago the remodeling began. “It was a huge investment, but we were able to give it what we were looking for,” Vaamonde said. Thus, he indicated that It changed both the facade and the interior. “He has a different style,” he said. Some of the modifications were: new floors, bathrooms, lighting, screens and stage.

The opening will beextraordinaryVaamonde assured. The screens and light games They will be the jewel of the place, in addition to the presence of Dj Fer Palacio “who sells himself,” he said.

The owner of Sens commented that there is “top technology”. “We wanted to bring to Neuquén the things that are seen in the best nightclubs in Buenos Aires,” he said. Thus, he specified that the purchase of tickets is virtual and that there will be a “sort of rechargeable card” to buy drinks. “The whole system that has been put inside is novel for the city of Neuquén,” he guaranteed.

As for July 8, Vaamonde was confident that it will be a unique night. “We know that people will come from different placeseven from Bariloche, “he explained.

Tickets can be purchased at the link on the Instagram page. The first batch of tickets that was priced at 6,000 pesos has already sold out, but the second batch at 7,000 pesos. There’s also VIP tickets which, according to Vaamonde, is about a priority sector where there will be tables with armchairs, entry and drinks.

Lastly, he indicated that It will be open on the weekends and it hopes to bring live bands. Also, it’s on the agenda hold electronic parties y does not rule out renting the place on special occasions if the opportunity presents itself.

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