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What did Gerardo Morales say in the face of the repression in Jujuy and why did he refer to Cristina Kirchner?

by drbyos

The governor of Jujuy assured today that “the violent” are not going to “twist his arm”, and held President Alberto Fernández and Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner “responsible” for the repression of the demonstrators who protested against the reform of the provincial Magna Carta that was sworn in by a Constituent Assembly meeting today in the local Legislature.

“Do responsible to the president @alferdez and the vice president @CFKArgentina of the extreme violence that is being experienced in the province of Jujuy,” said the Jujuy president in a message posted on his account on the social network Twitter.

In this sense, the governor affirmed that “the violent are not going to twist our arm. After 40 years of democracy, I repudiate and call on all Argentines to repudiate what Kirchnerism and the Left Front are doing in Jujuy.

Later, and after President Alberto Fernández’s response to the accusations of the Governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales renewed his criticism of the Executive branch. “can you explain @alferdez, @CFCargentina And why does La Cámpora send militants from different parts of the country to disturb the peace in Jujuy? What does the Peronist group April 13 of Vicente López, Province of Buenos Aires, do?»

He immediately added: “This confirms my assertions regarding how the national government is sending violent people to destabilize. All they do is encourage violence! Stop fucking the people!”

Morales’s statements come in the context of a new and massive march that today brought together multiple sectors of society in the capital of Jujuy and that was repressed when she went to the Legislature to protest against the partial reform of the provincial Constitutionwhile inside it the new text was treated for approval and swearing.

The police advance was registered shortly after 11 about 200 meters from the provincial parliament, where Governor Gerardo Morales headed the session and they were preparing to swear the reform of the Magna Carta.

In principle, The oath was scheduled for this afternoon at 6:30 p.m. in the facilities of the Miter Theater of the City of San Salvador de Jujuy, but it was brought forward this morning, in the midst of a climate of protests on roads and streets throughout the provincial territory.

Jujuy police infantrymen clashed with the demonstrators, throwing rubber bullets and tear gas in a climate of tension in the capital of Jujuy.

Meanwhile, some protesters tried to enter the Legislature building and some of its facilities were set on fire.

Meanwhile, inside the building, the conventional constituents voted and swore the new text.

“Having sworn the new Constitution of the province of Jujuy, the conventional gentlemen and ladies and presidents of the three powers of the State and having approved the new Constitution of the province, it enters into force from its publicationMorales announced.

And he concluded: “With this we consider finished the task of the constitutional conventionwe consider the new Constitution of Jujuy approved and sworn ».

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