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what are the unauthorized areas

by drbyos

The sale of lots in areas not authorized by Cipolletti Alert the municipality. From the direction of Territorial development They requested that the neighbors seek prior advice from the management team before carrying out any operation. In this note, all the details.

The municipality of Cipolletti denounced that during the last year there were sales of lots located in undeveloped areas of the city. They asked the neighbors that, prior to making the purchase of land in Cipolletti, seek advice from the General Directorate of Territorial Development to verify its legality.

Some of the fantasy names identified through which land is being sold are: Los Perales, La Herminia, Manantiales, Maria Lucinda (semi closed neighborhood), La Franchesca Trust, October 20 Consortium, La Lucinda Farm, Guadalupe Trust, Cipo Corner Trust, Rio Barda Trust (South Bank), Poltronieri I and II, Lots area 4 Corners (in front of the Chapel of Our Lady of Aránzazu) and Las Margaritas Street Ferri area.

From the direction of Territorial Development they explained by means of a plan of the city, what is the state of the urbanizable, non-urbanizable areas and delimited the area of ​​the illegal sale of plots.

“He gray area is the area in which new divisions can be generated for urbanization purposes of all kinds such as: homes, shops, route services. Outside these limits is all the green area, which is where this type of project cannot advance, where there are also different types of rurality”, the report indicated.

“What is indicated in yellow is to alert the region about the places where the sale of lots was identified, and urbanization is not allowed”. They ensure that the offer is made mainly in informal digital media and that many of the buyers are unaware of the limitations of the regulations, so it is important to warn about it.

In case of detecting sales and constructions in unauthorized areas, the municipality will initiate legal actions against any natural or legal person that commercializes unauthorized plots. youIt will also order the demolition of works and facilities and the confiscation of construction materials. intended for unauthorized works or in contravention of the regulations in force charged to the settlement of rates of the plot.

From the Territorial Development Directorate They requested that in case of detecting this type of situation, they notify the management or the city government through planeamiento.cipolletti@gmail.com.

People who wish to receive advice and information can approach the Territorial Development address at Yrigoyen and Villegas streetsMonday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., or contact by phone at 449-4900 extension 1005/ 1127.

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