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“We rule out the suicide hypothesis”

by drbyos

The soldier’s family Pablo Cordoba, 20 years oldwho lost his life while on guard duty at the Zapala military regiment, He has expressed his disbelief at the official version of an alleged suicide. The young man’s sister, Daiana Córdoba, stated on RÍO NEGRO RADIO that it is impossible for a person to inflict two shots to the head and requested an exhaustive investigation, since it is not the only incident within the Army in Neuquén.

In dialogue with the program “Ya es tiempo” Daiana recounted how the family found out about the fact. «The first one who found out was my dad, they told him that he had to go to the hospital, that my brother had shot himself. Then he told my mom and finally I found out. When we got to the hospital, the doctor just came out and told us that my brother had two shotsthat they had to take him to do a CT scan. After that they confirmed that he had one hour to live.«.

The tragic event took place on Thursday morning, June 1, while Pablo was on guard duty at the Zapala military garrison. «The next day they told us that the results of the autopsy were already there, but 25 days have passed and we have nothing. We only received the medical report detailing where those two shots are located,” Daiana said.

According to the family’s description, one of the projectiles entered from below the jaw in an upward direction, exiting in the opposite part of the head, and another in the temple. Córdoba made it to the hospital alive, which has led her family to question the delay in obtaining autopsy results.

Daiana also expressed her concern about the passivity of her brother’s superiors in the face of the ongoing investigation. “The head of the 16 Artillery Group, which is where my brother was, was accompanying us, he told us that he was at our disposal. But The truth is that we do not see a real interest on the part of the authorities in seeking the truth» projection.

Another similar case occurred at the end of last year, in Covunco. A 24-year-old soldier who was from Zapala died. In this case it was indicated that it was a suicide.

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