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“We only have two ambulances and they are in poor condition”

by drbyos

The Chos Malal hospital is recognized for being the head of the northern towns of Neuquén, that is why its role in health care becomes crucial for a significant amount of the population. However, in the last hours their workers denounced a situation “extremely critical” regarding the ability to transfer patients.

“Today we are only counting on two ambulances for emergency transfers”told one of the hospital drivers to BLACK RIVER.

The worker explained that the condition of the vehicles is defective and that they exceed the 450,000 kilometers of use, which is why they continually present mechanical failures.

“Taking into account that every time we take patients from here to Neuquénthere are 400 kilometers of distance, between round trips, there are almost 900, this is serious for the service »he explained.

In addition to this situation regarding the emergency referral, the driver said that a few days ago “they got stuck” with the minibus that transports people for consultations to Neuquén, with cancer patients among others.

The hospital’s vehicle fleet has vans that, according to details “they are also in very bad shape” and they are important because in them “the administrative procedures of the institution are carried out”.

Regarding the monitoring of the claim, he explained that “They do not have the support of the hospital management and neither do they have the support of the Sanitary Zone 3.”

For this reason they will evaluate taking measures of force in the coming days, with the endorsement of the ATE Salud union.

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