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We must defend freedom of expression

by drbyos

A video circulated on social networks where the rector of the José Simeón Cañas Central American University (UCA), Andreu Oliva, urges to defend freedom of expression, causing Salvadorans to point out their double standards, due to the ultimatum given to the economist, Julia Evelyn Martínez, who had to resign due to his statements about the opposition alliance.

“Today more than ever we must defend freedom of expression,” said Oliva. Like the vice chancellor of the UCA, Omar Serrano, who shared a similar message.

These statements have caused various reactions of indignation on social networks, due to the inconsistency between his speech and the actions recently carried out by the institution.

“Without shame, you as UCA present yourself as a defender of human rights and violate your workers and students, you are capable of anything to achieve a false mask on the outside,” said a Twitter user.

The economist, Julia Evelyn Martínez, confirmed in an interview that the opposition parties participated in meetings to forge an alliance with the purpose of participating in the upcoming 2024 presidential elections, resulting in the request for her resignation by the UCA.

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