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“We have to unite to say enough to the repression”

by drbyos

The march against the repression in Jujuy held in Roca began at 10 in the morning and ended after noon with great convocation. The closing ceremony was the starting point, at Avenida Roca and Tucumán. ORA Jujuy teacher based in Río Negro gave the note and on the verge of tears, moved those present.

Her name is Elba Castillo and she has worked at Roca for several years, but she is She is a native of Jujuy, where her family still lives and where her sister is, struggling right now.

Castillo expressed that the current situation has her dismayed. «What is happening in Jujuy is not happening now, this has been happening for eight years with a dictatorial government led by Gerardo Morales, which does not allow workers of any kind to make their claims,” ​​he said.

In turn, he explained that the teachers are complaining because they reached an instance in which if they miss a day due to illness or to care for a sick family member, the day is discounted. “They are not allowed to be absent for any reason and this is totally authoritarian, undemocratic and dictatorial”.

The teacher indicated that this situation is affecting her closely, not only because she is a teacher, but for being part of the people who today suffer repression.

“The governor is ordering the police forces repression, bullets and even deaths. There have already been two deaths in Jujuy », he assured. Amid applause, the woman broke down: «As a teacher, not only Jujeña and now a daughter of Patagonia, but as an Argentine teacher: It is necessary that we all unite, that all of Argentina unite to say enough to repression of any kind.

“Thank God in Patagonia I can say that perhaps I have a voice to say what really happens, but at the same time I feel very sorry for my brothers from Jujuy.”

Elba Castillo, Jujuy teacher in Roca

He also stressed the importance of continuing to make their claims visible because “teachers cannot allow ourselves to continue to be repressed and as teachers We have to teach our students that in the struggle there is also education, but always with respect.”

Two claims in one: Jujuy and Lago Escondido

At noon and with a closing act, members of the unions recalled the reason for the call and the teacher from Jujuy took the opportunity to ask for the floor. This Thursday there were mobilizations in Neuquén and Río Negro against the repression in Jujuy.

In Roca there was a cut on Route 22 and Route 6 and a march through the center towards the Federal Court for the detainees in Jujuy and to the Judicial City of Río Negro for the opening of the Tacuifi road in Lago Escondido.

Not only teachers but indigenous peoples, workers, precarious and unemployed workers came out in unison: «Enough of miserable salaries, enough of the ninguneo, enough of the repression and oppression by Gerardo Morales».

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