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“We are going to try to create that identity that we Argentines have”

by drbyos

After getting the Queen’s Cup in Spain and join the training sessions of the Argentine National Team for the Women’s Soccer World Cup Australia-New Zealand 2023, Estefanía Banini spoke about the present of the team, the objectives of this World Cup and her current status as a footballer.

“Realistically, no.We are not at the level of the powers, but if there is something that this National Team has, it is that it knows how to compete. In fact, last World Cup we faced two and we competed with them,” Banini said in dialogue with ESPN Equipo F.

The midfielder will participate in her second World Cup -the first was France 2019- and for a new edition she indicated that they are going to try to go out and play their game. «We are going to try to create and have that identity that I think characterizes all Argentines, us too: play low, the dribble and win with that.” express.

In addition, he assured that although the Albiceleste It is far from the countries that are power in women’s football, “It has something different, which is mischief”.

«Many players left the paddock, along with the new generations that have another formationSo, I think that other teams don’t have that mischief,” he confirmed.

A long career in the Argentine National Team

the soccer player He began representing the country at the age of 16 and from there he started with his career in Colo Colo (Chile), then in the United States and finally in Spain, where he currently won the Copa de la Reina with Atético Madrid.

«The last years of football are approaching and I think that The most important thing is to enjoy and get on the pitch and try to do my best. We are going to the World Cup to try to represent in the best way, but we are far from the men’s”, clarified the player trained in the Cementista club.

Currently, the 33-year-old player enjoys a good present in European footballHowever, he assured on several occasions that the 2023 World Cup in Australia-New Zealand would be his last with the team.

“This will be my last World Cup.”

«This would be my last World Cup. The races end at the same age. In some cases they can be extended more, because the competition allows itbut more or less to the same, especially due to injuries, “he explained and added that belongs to a generation that was not well prepared or did not have the same support as the male.

Lastly, he spoke about his relationship with the technical director, Germán Portanova. «It’s hard. I analyze all the coaches. I learn from everyone. If he gives me room to comment, I do, but obviously he is the one who makes the decisions, “concluded Estefanía Banini.

The debut of the Argentine National Team in the Australia-New Zealand 2023 World Cup will be on July 24 against Italy at 3 p.m. in the morning (Argentina time). Five days later they will face the African team and close on August 2 against Sweden.

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