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“We are fighting to have businesses and now everything is burning”

by drbyos

A resident of the Argentine district in Beauvais, shows, on July 1, 2023, images on her phone of the riots of the previous night, following the death of Nahel M., in Nanterre, on June 27. PHILEMON BARBIER/HORS FORMAT FOR “THE WORLD”

On the national 1 which connects Paris to Beauvais, the firefighters are still busy taking off a hodgepodge of smoking and molten material from the rails of the T5 line of the tramway on this morning of Saturday July 1. Traffic is interrupted on the entire line, explains the RATP on its site, “no recovery planned by the end of service”. Residents will therefore have to manage to get around.

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It will be even more complicated if their car is among the dozens of charred carcasses that we see taken from a funny ball of tow trucks in Saint-Denis then in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine (Seine-Saint-Denis). Evariste (the name has been changed), Haitian colossus, came out to contemplate the scene, bewildered. “Why are they doing this? She didn’t do anything to the car, why are you breaking it? »he says rhetorically. “And you saw the market? [Vandalisée, la boutique est restée rideau tiré]. He did nothing! » “Sorry for talking like that, but they are screwing everyone up”, strikes, with her Creole accent, an old lady who has come to do her shopping, shaking her head in dismay.

These small gestures, which say so much in a second, have been observed all day among residents of neighborhoods degraded by the nocturnal looting following the death of young Nahel on Tuesday, June 27. Sighs of weariness, eyes raised to the skies, head no, arms outstretched and falling, to express weariness, spite, helplessness.

As with this client of the Patachoux bakery, from the Argentine district in Beauvais, who pointed to the broken door with a dismayed look. In this priority district of 9,000 inhabitants, blocks of buildings of about fifteen floors are next to lower bars, next to the Joséphine-Baker garden. The neighborhood party scheduled from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. this Saturday, with inflatable structures, educational farm and barter party, has been canceled due to ” events “.

On July 1, 2023, in the Argentine district of Beauvais, Badr, 24, shows a video on his phone of a police officer threatening to shoot him at the defense ball launcher (LBD) as he returns from work in the evening. , two days earlier. PHILEMON BARBIER/HORS FORMAT FOR “THE WORLD”

“We have nothing to do with it”

In the center, in the alley of small local shops, in addition to the window of the bakery, the analysis laboratory was ransacked, La Poste badly damaged and the only distributor in the district massacred with blows of a pickaxe.

Accustomed to grabbing cigarettes there, people come and go in front of the Loto-Bar-Tabac-Rapido-PMU. But the iron curtain is down, down. The windows protecting the terrace are nothing more than shards of broken glass.

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A woman takes some pictures. This is Karine Limousin, responsible for the French games in the Oise and the Somme. “I come to accompany the manager in the steps, for the insurances. In my sector, two were vandalized in Beauvais, three in Compiègne, three in Creil and three in Amiens. » Of those who tried to break in by bending the iron curtain, only one took a few packets before being driven away by the dog. “It saddens me that this young man was killed, but we have nothing to do with it”comments, sounded, Qin Chen, the young manager. “No, you are the local network serving the neighborhood”reassures Karine Limousin.

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