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Vonifanja Ranaivoarisoa at the head of the Caisse d’épargne

by drbyos

The interim has ended. Vonifanja Ranaivoarisoa, appointed Managing Director of the Caisse d’Epargne de Madagascar, CEM, officially took office the night before last at Ivandry. The ceremony was chaired by Andry Nirina Rajaofetra, Director General of the Public Treasury. Vonifanja Ranaivoarisoa, with an impressive CV, declares herself ready to make CEM a financial institution worthy of its time after one hundred years of existence. A story shared with many Malagasy families. With the famous green booklet. Claude Andriamanantsoa, ​​secretary general of the CEM, who acted as interim general manager with Serge Razafindrakoto, deputy director general of operations, announced during the opening of the twenty-fifth branch of the CEM in Anamalahitsy on 4 April that “savings hoarded for a hundred years are estimated at 432 billion ariary. This is a guarantee of trust on the part of customers, parents who have opened booklets for their children.

The CEM has always made progress its slogan. It has not changed this spirit anchored in many families of the country”. And in this perpetual quest to serve the community, the CEM has been authorized to grant loans since 2019. “In three years, 3,000 beneficiaries have been able to access our lines of credit. Which seems quite derisory compared to the number of savers. We are at 1.2 million accounts opened at an average monthly bonus rate of 2%. The CEM offers two borrowing possibilities. Safidy for consumption and Avotra dedicated to production companies,” explains Claude Andriamanantsoa. Who already sees the future in the present by adopting digitalization to secure financial transactions through the CEM and for better management of customer portfolios. A popular practice advocated by the government. Vonifanja Ranaivoarisoa will thus only have to consolidate a well-established notoriety.

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