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Vista increased its well inventory for its Águila Mora project

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Miguel Galuccio’s oil company, Vista, published an update on two of its pilot projects in Vaca Muerta and announced that preliminary results allowed it to increase its inventory of wells shale. These are the advances made by the firm in Águila Mora and Bajada del Palo Este, two blocks that it operates.

Particularly in Águila Mora, located to the north of the formationthe company reported that the AM-1011h well reached a production peak of 2,107 barrels of oil equivalent per day. In addition, he reported cumulative extractions of 79,700 barrels of oil equivalent in the first 60 days.

The second Águila Mora pilot well, AM-1012h, also performed well, peaking at 1,699 barrels of oil equivalent per day and a cumulative of 70,200 barrels of equivalent in the first 60 days.

79,700 barrels of oil equivalent were produced by the AM-1011h well, in the first 60 days.

The Águila Mora unconventional concession is located in the Vaca Muerta light crude oil window and covers 23,475 gross acres. Laboratory analysis of crude oil from the wells revealed an API gravity of 40 degrees.

In Bajada del Palo Este, in mid-April, the company connected the BPE-2202h well in the southern part of the block, whose daily production peak reached 3,427 barrels of oil equivalent. Additionally, the cumulative production of the first 80 days of the well was 179,900 barrels equivalent.

Vaca Muerta: the number of wells Vista has ready to drill

The successful results in the pilots of Bajada del Palo Este and Águila Mora allowed Vista to add up to 250 wells to the company’s total inventory, which reached 1,150 wells ready to drill.

One detail to mention is that the firm’s pilot in Bajada del Palo Esteit allows extending the geological model to Coirón Amargo Norte, which is a bordering block to the south and only has a conventional concession. Vista’s model indicates that the Company has an inventory of up to 50 wells ready to drill on the block.

The number of wells which has Vista ready to drill.

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