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unions and social organizations marched in Viedma

by drbyos

A large march of referents and militants of different unions and social organizations of Viedma was carried out this Thursday in repudiation of the acts of violence that are registered in the province of Jujuy.

After a concentration in the Plaza San Martín, the attendees mobilized through the center of the city. Delegations from Unter, ATE, Sitrajur, Uocra, CTA, both Autonomous and Workers; UTERP, the Agroecological Movement, which held a popular pot; and Suteba and ATE of Patagones.

Earlier, the Association of State Workers and the Classist and Combative Current They mobilize in front of the headquarters of the Federal Court of the provincial capital in repudiation of the acts of violence registered in recent days in the province of Jujuy.

The movement of the state union is added to actions that They take place on National Route 22, on Provincial Route 6 and in the center of Bariloche.

The union repudiates «the advance of repressive actions and the criminalization of social protest in a strong advance of the Morales government with regressive political decisions and in a clear violation of Human Rights ».

Repression in Jujuy: more unions summon to the Plaza San Martín

On the other hand, yesterday there was a meeting of leaders of different unions and social organizations that defined a concentration, starting at 10, in the Plaza San Martín de Viedma with the development of a popular pot and an open radio.

The organizational meeting was held at the Unter sectional headquarters and the participation leaders of the teachers’ union, Sitrajur, Uocra, La Bancaria and the Union of Workers of the Popular Economyamong others.

Besides, the Ecumenical Movement for Human Rights of Viedma repudiated “the brutal repression unleashed by the police officers of Jujuyin recent days, against a people who took to the streets and roads to defend their rights, against a reform to the provincial Constitution, which is illegal and illegitimate.

Through a press release it was indicated that “the objective of this reform without consultation is generate fear and keep the population immobilized, but they did not foresee the popular resistance of the people of Jujuy and the solidarity support for their struggle, which springs up throughout the country.

Add the text that “The reform must be annulled, the prisoners released, and instances of dialogue must be generated, where all sectors can make their voices heard”.

Representatives of different organizations met at the local Unter headquarters. Photo: Marcelo Ochoa.

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