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Two expatriates among the thirty-six preselected

by drbyos

Forty-three days to prepare. Without waiting for the regrouping of all the athletes expected from the State, the Malagasy Basketball Federation (FMBB) has begun the regrouping of basketball players from two disciplines combined, the 3×3 and the 5×5, by the publication of the list of thirty-six preselected for the preparation of the Malagasy national basketball team for the XIth edition of the JIOI of 2023, which will take place in Antananarivo, from August 25 to September 3. The first grouping was done under the supervision of the Moroccan expert Naoufal Uariachi, with the direction of the coaches whose mission is to lead the four national teams towards the quest for the four gold medals put into play. Malagasy public to see the top scorer of the last World Cup in Debrecen, M’Madi Mathias, this time, he will not be there. On the other hand, in 5×5 men, the FMBB calls on an expatriate in the person of the leader Rija Lahontan, who plays in men’s national 2, of the Pays Salonnais Basket 13 club, from France.

Single expatriate

The other players selected for the regrouping come from the six most prominent teams of the N1A men such as the COSPN of Analamanga with six representatives, the GNBC of Analamanga and the Ascut of Atsinanana with four respective elements. Among the ladies, Kristina Rakotobe, who is currently playing sport-study in the United States of America, will be the only expatriate on the list. The seventeen other players all play in the national N1A women’s championship, of which seven players are from MB2All of Analamanga, three from TGBC of Betsiboka and GNBC of Analamanga, two are from Ascut of Atsinanana and an issue of Vakinankaratra JEA.

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