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Together for Change won the governorship, after 20 years of Peronism

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On Sunday, the citizens of San Juan elected their next governor and lieutenant governor. After the suspension of the elections in May by the Supreme Court and the challenge of the candidacy of the current president Sergio Uñac, Together for Change surprised with a bump in the vote with which he won the governorship, after 20 years of Peronism.

The polls closed normally at 6:00 p.m. an estimated attendance of 70% of those qualified in the register, according to estimates released by sources from the Electoral Tribunal of the province. The percentage of voters increased significantly in a few hours, since until noon only 24% of those registered had voted, but it was less than the 75% turnout in May.

The first results began to be released minutes before 8:00 p.m. With 98.9% polled by midnight, United by San Juan was placed first. Within the inmate, Marcelo Orrego from Cambia San Juan took the 49,00 % of the votes

In second position was the alliance Saint John For All. Inside the space, the ex-governor Luis Gioja achieved first place with the 27,1 %, placing second overall. In third place was Rubén Uñac -brother of the current president-, with the 16,9 %.

Elections in San Juan: the celebration of Orrego and everything Together for Change

“I want to thank all the San Juan residents who trusted us”commented Orrego, after being elected yesterday as the new governor of the province.

Accompanied by Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, Martin Lousteau y José Luis Spert, the opponent spoke after Sergio Uñac acknowledged defeat. “We know that they have not given us trust, they gave it to us. I tell you that those who have not supported our proposal know that this governor is going to work with absolutely everyone, regardless of political ideology. I have come to politics to work, fulfill and do”.

Orrego, in the middle of his speech, asked: “I also want to congratulate Ruben Unac already Jose Luis Giojawho I respect. They deserve a round of applause.”

“There are many things that have been done well, but there are many things to change. And my hands are not going to tremble to do the things that have to be done. The changes that are coming are changes with certainties”, the governor-elect was dispatched.

And then he took some time to thank Rodriguez Larreta, who traveled to accompany him and seconded him while speaking in the Unidos por San Juan bunker: “Thank you for being present. You told me that, regardless of the result, you were going to be here. Also thanks to Miguel Angel Pichetto. Also to all those who have communicated with me, we must be grateful. Thanks to Ricardo López Murphy and Patricia Bullrich”.

next, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta spoke about the victory. “A big congratulations to all the sanjuaninos who were encouraged to change and Marcelo Orrego, who is an example of work, a guy who works and toured the province”, the Buenos Aires head of government and candidate for President by JxC dispatched. And he continued: “I know that he prepared for that and he is going to bring about a profound change in San Juan. We are going to work together in the national government. San Juan will be one of the engines of Argentina’s recovery”.

And he concluded with a message in the tone of the campaign: “This is one more example of the importance of adding and adding. Working together, and adding, is how we are going to beat Kirchnerism in Argentina”.

For his part, Patricia Bullrich, pre-candidate for president for Together for Change, also spoke: “I just spoke with @DrMarceloOrrego and WE WON SAN JUAN! Congratulations Marcelo, @fabianmartinsj and the entire San Juan team of Together for Change! There was no apparatus, no change of rules, no power to stop the people’s desire for change. Thank you San Juan for this historic day”, launched via Twitter.

Martín Lousteau also hit the opposition bump through social networks. «Historical triumph of @juntoscambioar in San Juan! Congratulations to @DrMarceloOrrego, @fabianmartinsj and the entire Cambia San Juan team for this great choice. They prevailed against the tricky law of slogans and against the powerful who designate relatives to perpetuate themselves in power. The desire for change of the people of San Juan was stronger. Let’s continue working for the renewal in all of Argentina », he expressed.

Elections in San Juan: Uñac acknowledged defeat

In a press conference and before the end of the scrutiny, Governor Sergio Uñac announced that he had spoken with Marcelo Orrego, and congratulated him on the victory.

The Peronist referent affirmed that he will leave “A province in order, with clear accounts, in balance”while also asking that “Things that have been done well can be consolidated with the new government.”

With Uñac, 20 years of Peronist governments in the province will end.

In this sense, it was made available “so that it can continue to be built above party differences, because San Juan is above all else.” And he deepened: “The most important thing is that the people of San Juan see that the ruling class can fight in an electoral contest, but once the results are in, the priority is the province of San Juan”.

“There is a process in the province of 20 years of Peronism that we must reconsider, restructure and see what are the next paths that we must take,” he remarked.

And continued: “We will reconfigure ourselves for what comes”.

Elections in San Juan: Alberto Fernández congratulated Orrego on his election in San Juan

President Alberto Fernández congratulated the governor-elect of San Juan, Marcelo Orrego, and assured that he is confident that he will be able to guarantee the growth and development of the province.

«I greet the governor-elect of San Juan, Marcelo Orrego. The challenge of working to guarantee the growth and development of the province lies ahead. I trust that it will“, published the president on his Twitter account.

Elections 2023 in San Juan: Rubén Uñac criticized the Court after the disqualification of his brother Sergio

Ruben Unaccandidate for governor of the province for Frente San Juan por Todos, voted after noon and assured: “It is a great challenge, the greatest of my political life”.

“Earlier I met with part of my work team. Happy with one more election, consolidates democracy, whether he is a candidate or notI always vote with great joy,” Uñac told the present.

Furthermore, he maintained:I like the campaigns, I toured the entire province, where we have complemented each other very well with Cristian (Andino) and Sergio (Uñac, his brother)It was a very short campaign.” Regarding the candidacy of Sergio Massa, the candidate was in favor and maintained that he will accompany the proposal of Unión por la Patria.

“Express vote” in San Juan: they highlighted the speed with which voters leave the dark room

He Cuyo’s diary, compared the times of the voters inside the dark room with respect to the first vote of the year: on May 14 the time was around 93 seconds, on average. Of course, that time the people had to choose between the candidates for mayor, councilors and departmental and proportional deputies among 10 subgroups of 4 fronts. Countless candidates.

Now, with only one category and 10 ballots, the numbers have dwindled. The local media toured 10 schools in Greater San Juan and took the time of 122 voters, showing that the darkroom average was 37 seconds.

Elections 2023 in San Juan: “This election is unusual,” Gioja complained when leaving the dark room

José Luis Gioja, candidate for governor for “San Juan for all”, cast his vote after 10 in the morning and expressed his frustration regarding Sunday’s election, stating that it is the first time voting has been done this way in the entire country.

José Luis Gioja voted and complained about the election this Sunday. Photo Courtesy.

“This election is very simple, it is just a ballot. Let’s hope that none is lost and that everything works correctly, “said Gioja with an ironic tone. «It’s something a bit unusual. I think it is the only time in the Argentine provinces that only the governor and lieutenant governor are elected in a general election. That is wrong”the candidate complained.

In addition, Gioja admitted that no national referent will travel to the province and expressed his satisfaction with Sergio Massa’s candidacy for the Presidency: “He is a good companion and I fervently applaud the unit. Unity is an instrument that begins to guarantee the triumph of the national and popular movement in Argentina.

Elections 2023 in San Juan: which candidates competed to become the next governor

In this election, 10 gubernatorial candidates and 10 lieutenant gubernatorial candidates competed for victory at the polls. The fronts that participated are: San Juan for All, United for San Juan, Development and Liberty, and the Left and Workers Front.

Ten formulas were presented, and the only one that had a modification was that of the “Vamos” subgroup, which had the governor as a candidate Sergio Uñac, who was replaced by his brother, the national senator Rubén Uñac, in front of a pairing completed by the mayor of the department of San Martín, Cristian Andino.

“Let’s go” is part of the official motto “Todos por San Juan”, in which the subgroup is also contained “Volver” which is headed by the former governor and current national deputy José Luis Giojawho is seconded by the communal chief of Chimbas, Fabián Gramajo.

Between both spaces, the votes that They will benefit whoever obtains the most votes within that motto.

For its part, Juntos por el Cambio (JxC) presented itself to the compulsa with four formulas: the one headed by the national deputy Marcelo Orrego together with the mayor of Rivadavia Fabián Martín, and the proposals led by the president of the GEN, Marcelo Arancibia; the libertarian businessman Sergio Vallejos and the former deputy of the PRO Eduardo Cáceres.

The formulas led by Arancibia, Vallejos and Cáceres they added their votes with those of Orrego in the internal dispute of JxC.

Meanwhile, the so-called “libertarians”, who identify with the national deputy Javier Milei, presented themselves with three lists: “Development and Unity» by Agustín Ramírez; “The Roar of Freedom” by Paola Miers and the submotto “Libertarios” by Yolanda Agüero.

The left came together in the Left Front and Workers Group (FIT), with teachers Cristian Jurado and Gloria Cimino for governor and vice.

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