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Together for Change with a slight advantage and Capitanich the most voted

by drbyos

The province of Chaco experienced an intense electoral day on Sunday with the completion of the Primaries, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory (PASO). A reduced citizen participation was registered, reaching only 54% of the census. The electoral climate was clouded by the news of the investigation into the femicide of Cecilia Strzyzowski, a fact that keeps society on edge. At midnight, the Juntos por el Cambio list obtained a slight advantage over Jorge Capitanich’s party.

The people of Chaco voted yesterday in the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory elections (PASO) to choose who will be candidates for governor, vice president, mayors and provincial deputies, in addition to other positions.

The PASO primary elections closed in the afternoon, normally, with an estimated voter turnout until 6:00 p.m. at 53.5%Governor Jorge Capitanich reported.

Capitanich told the press that “The elections were carried out with complete normality, it was an exemplary democratic day and we thank the people of Chaco for having participated.”

He assured that «within the FCh (Frente Chaqueño) we had a resounding victory, for which we appreciate the strong support » and estimated that voter turnout at the polls was “53.5%, it may be more or less, a trend that occurred in 2015.”

The current governor, from his bunker, expressed about the inmate that he disputed against Ismael Espinoza that “our PASO are absolutely defined with more than 99.6% of the votes. As has been the case historically in my case, since 1999 I have won all the internships and primaries, this has not been the exception” and He noted that at the individual level his list was “the most voted for compared to the other candidates, surpassing him by twice”

The scrutiny of the PASS Chaco 2023 progress slowly. With 44.6% of the polling stations there is little difference between the ruling party and Together for Change.

The Chaco Front gets the 40,01 %, con Jorge Capitanich leading the internal team against Ismael Espinoza.

Together for Change has 43.4% and is currently in first place. Within the opposition coalition, Juan Carlos Polini won Leandro Zdero by a few votes.

Go on Gustavo Martínez, from Corriente de Expresión Renovada (CER) with 6.8%.

The opposition calls for speed in uploading election data

“We are waiting for them to make the remaining charges. We are surprised that at this hour Resistencia is not loaded. Nor was Barranqueras charged. Just as some things are asked to be clarified, we ask that the data be uploaded,” claimed the candidate of Together for Change, Leandro Zdero, moments before midnight.

After 1 in the morning, the count of the elections remains, a slight difference between the Chaqueño Front and Together for Change lists.

Elections 2023, in Chaco: Jorge Capitanich voted and referred to the femicide of Cecilia Strzyzowski

The governor and candidate for re-election for Peronism, Jorge Capitanich, highlighted the democratic participation in every corner of the province and expressed his gratitude to the voters. The president cast his vote at 8 o’clock, at the “Maestro Ricardo A. Ivancovich” School of Primary Education No. 41 in the capital of Chaco and expressed his confidence that close to a million voters will be able to vote and express themselves freely.

Until noon, 15% of the register came to vote in Chaco. Photo Telam.

“I want to tell you that today we have a very good time throughout the province, voters can express themselves freely in PASO”, “We have more than 3,000 tables enabled in different educational districts, we are in a full day of democratic participation.

On the Cecilia case: “we are under an electoral ban, I have not the slightest intention of giving an opinion on anything other than the elections”, “in the provinces there are 5,000 social organizations that generate 30,000 jobs and there is state control”, “The fact police is reprehensible, it cannot be transformed into a political fact”, “from the pain I accept everything”, “It is necessary to differentiate pain from a very serious event regarding an issue that has to do with the institutional,” “the judicial power in Chaco is autonomous and independent.”

Elections 2023, in Chaco: what the rest of the candidates said

The opposition candidates also cast their votes and expressed their expectations for the future of the province. Juan Carlos Polini, candidate for governor for Together for Change (JxC), highlighted the importance of people understanding that the necessary changes begin by voting and called to cast the vote with citizen responsibility.

For his part, Leandro Zdero, candidate for List 653 Z of JxC, highlighted the importance of election day as an opportunity to decide the model of the province that is desired. Both opposition pre-candidates agreed on the need for citizen participation to achieve the transformations that the province requires.

Zdero highlighted the importance of election day in the PASO of Chaco. Photo Telam.

Chaco chose in the PASO: who were the candidates

In addition to Capitanich himself, there were four other Peronist candidates on Sunday, one of them that went inside the pro-government Chaqueño Front.

Ismael Walter Espinoza faced the governor internally, while Gustavo Martinezcurrent mayor of Resistencia; Sunday Peppo, former governor of Chaco; and Juan Carlos Bacileff Ivanoffformer vice-governor of Capitanich himself, all of Justicialista origin, They appeared outside the ruling party.

In opposition, Together for Change appeared as the main force, presenting two lists this time. One led by the pharmaceutical businessman and agricultural producer, Juan Carlos Polinicalled “Order and Work”, and another by the provincial legislator, Leandro Zderocalled «Chaco Cambia».

Two liberal spaces also participated, “La Libertad Avanza” which led as a candidate for Alfredo “Capi” Rodriguez and “Libertarians in Action” that promoted the nomination of Ruben Galassi. The left, for its part, was represented with Cesar German Baezof the Labor Party.

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