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Together for Change formalizes its alliance without Schiaretti, but internal differences continue

by drbyos

Although decisive hours still remain, the managements of the sectors of Together for Change (JxC) aligned with the presidential candidate of the PRO Horacio Rodríguez Larreta to broaden the coalition were limitedabove all, because on the eve the Peronist Juan Schiaretti formalized the presentation of his forehead to compete in the next elections and modified the terms of an eventual rapprochement.

In the last days, the governor of Córdoba flirted with Rodríguez Larreta in the hope of establishing a “front of fronts”, that allows to expand the political assembly beyond the structure of JvC. Those deliberations once again separated the waters within the opposition coalition, where the also presidential candidate Patricia Bullrich and former president Mauricio Macri came out to close the door on the Cordovan president.

Schiaretti personified the vocation of Rodríguez Larreta to promote the growth of JxC by adding sectors of non-Kirchnerist Peronism and that even formally supported the Radical Civic Union (UCR), the Civic Coalition and Federal Republican Meeting, the space led by Miguel Angel Pichetto from Río Negro.

Pichetto asked Macri to enable eventual agreements

precisely Pichetto tried on Tuesday to convince Macri to enable the eventual agreements with other spaces beyond the contradictions that these may entail in the territory.

“Having been an important leader and former president, It seems to me that his figure should be above the conflicta figure that everyone should respect, try to help resolve conflicts and open spaces for dialogue so that the coalition has more certainty,” Pichetto said in statements to Urbana Play.

He General Auditor of the Nation considered that, beyond what is defined this Wednesday (before 24 the alliances must be formalized before the electoral authorities), “we will have to keep talking” because the enlargement will also be key to face an eventual government.

It is typical of politics to dialogue and try to reach agreements so that the electoral base is stronger and so is the next government. There are some economic sectors to which a weak government is convenient, because in a weak government it is easier to exert pressure,” Pichetto stated.

Rodríguez Larreta, before the intransigence of Macri and Bullrich

The Macri and Bullrich’s intransigence set off alarm bells around Rodríguez Larreta where they look with concern at the tone of the electoral dispute with the former Minister of Security that will be resolved in the Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Primaries (PASO).

“Are damaging the brand in a tremendous way”, they say close to the Buenos Aires president and they point out that “it will be difficult, after this, to show that they will unite again in a government.”

Strictly speaking, What keeps Juntos por el Cambio in suspense is the internal conflict in PROwhere I know broke the relationship between Macri and Rodríguez Larreta from the surprising decision of the head of the Buenos Aires government to modify the elections in his district and enable the radical Martín Lousteau to succeed him in the fight.

Everything changed from that moment, and the head of the Buenos Aires Executive finds obstacles in every step he takes in the presidential race.

Now, with the “front of fronts” that Rodríguez Larreta and Schiaretti dreamed of out of the question, No big surprises are expected in the next few hours. However, it is known that dynamism tends to characterize the electoral definitions and the unresolved differences in JPC.

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