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Today the partial authorization of the pipe continues

by drbyos

The companies in charge of implementing the Nestor Kirchner pipeline will continue today with the schedule set and will complete the filling of more than a quarter of the pipe. As agreed, the Vaca Muerta gas that was injected into the pipeline will cover a large part of La Pampa and it will be prepared for the last two previous stages to be 100% operational.

The process of partial and progressive qualification of the pipe began last Tuesday, June 20, 9 days ago, and today the filling of 25.44% of the gas pipeline will be completed. As indicated in the calendar made official by the state company that owns the pipeline, Energía Argentina (Enarsa, exIeasa), this day the gas will travel from kilometer 89 to 145.

For next Tuesday, July 4, the authorization of up to 50% of the pipe has been agreed, and it will remain like this until next July 8, when the complete filling will take place. The next day, Sunday July 9, the inauguration ceremony of the work will be held, and the presence of provincial and national officials and also of the pre-candidates of the ruling party for the next elections is expected.

Until now, the company in charge of the operation and maintenance of the gas pipeline, Transportadora Gas del Sur did not report any setbacks related to the work. If this path continues, it is expected that as of July 9 the pipe will be able to transport up to 11 million cubic meters of gas from Vaca Muerta to Buenos Aires.

Néstor Kirchner pipeline: the longest stretch will be filled next month

The section of the gas pipeline that will be filled today is the longest since the valve was opened on June 20. In this case, the Vaca Muerta gas will travel about 56 kilometers, after having done so in three stages of about 30 kilometers each.

However, the longest stretches will be completed next month: the first of July will begin on Tuesday the 4th, it will be 140 kilometers long and the last one will take place on Saturday the 8th, and it will be the longest: the gas will travel 285 kilometers, 50% of the pipe.

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