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“To the parasites of the State who intend to extort, we tell them that we are not afraid of them”

by drbyos

The Minister of Economy and presidential candidate for the Union for the Homeland (UxP), Sergio Massa, today questioned the businessmen of the passenger motor transport chamberswhom he described as “parasites of the State who intend to extort” and maintained that they seek the Government “to guarantee the profitability” of their profits.

In declarations in an act in the Buenos Aires district of San Fernando, Massa referred in this way to the conflict with the collectives, within the framework of a 24-hour task retention day carried out by the Automotive Tramway Union (UTA) in the bus service of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA), Tucumán, Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Santa Fe, Formosa, Misiones and Tucuman.

As Massa pointed out, It is about “a strange strike because the employers forced it”whom he accused of “withholding the money from salaries to force the workers to take to the streets.”

«The State transferred the money from the salaries to the businessmen but some retained the money of the wages to force the workers to go out on the streets»warned Massa, when speaking at an event in the Buenos Aires municipality of San Fernando for the expansion of the northern treatment plant and the creation of the first energy cogeneration module.

In this context, Massa indicated that “in reality the employers are not discussing the salary that was agreed in parities nor are they discussing rates because they do not care about the rate” and added: “There are two business groups that intend to take the workers hostage to discuss the bodywork purchase system and they want the State to guarantee their profitability.

«We believe in Argentine businessmen who generate work, in those who take risks and bets, but to those who are parasites of the State and intend to extort, we say: we are not afraid of themOr, we are going to confront them to defend the right of people to travel to go to work”, said the minister and presidential candidate.

Massa’s statements occurred while a meeting between leaders of the UTA and the Argentine Association of Automotive Transport Entrepreneurs was taking place at the Ministry of Transportation.

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