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Three tips to take care of mental health and be happier

by drbyos

In recent times, mental health and comprehensive well-being have been gaining almost the same importance as physical health care. This change began during the pandemic after months of confinement that affected the daily routine of millions of people. Now, with normality installed throughout the world, certain lessons have been learned from that experience: the search for happiness in the present is a new way of life that many try to consolidate.

The journalist María Fernández de Córdova, specialist in Health and Well-being of the portal Telvashared three good practices to achieve a clear mind and personal well-being:

Train the mind daily

To begin, Fernández de Córdova points out the importance of paying attention to the emotions and thoughts that one has on a daily basis. “The greatest cause of internal suffering is our speaking mind and our greatest ally is the experiential mind: coming to your senses to restore calm”, details.

Stopping and listening to the thoughts that surround the brain is essential to detect which are harmful, which are ruminations, and which could be indicating that we need lifestyle changes. For it, Meditation or mindfulness are practices that help connect the mind in a harmonious way, present and without external distractions.

Make time to do an activity that makes you happy

In general, due to daily responsibilities, such as work, studies or caring for other people, taking time out of the day to carry out an activity that generates personal satisfaction can seem complex to carry out. However, the journalist clarifies that It is important to organize the day according to the responsibilities and activities that make us happy.

For this, it is necessary “stop to reflect on the use we make of our time”, reduce time on social networks and use it to specify moments with the environment or other people. For example, enjoy a nature walk, read a book, get together with friends or familyexercising or other activities that may generate a disconnection of obligations and connectivity through cell phones.

Learn to tolerate discomfort

Being happy all the time and every day is a utopia, since in life there are circumstances that present themselves instantly and can cause some discomfort, sadness, discomfort and an infinity of contradictory feelings to happiness.

For this, Fernández de Córdova proposes “living with the discomfort, tolerating it and feeling it and then undoing it”. Accepting emotions so that they go away on their own is the best option to have a healthy mind and increase happiness. Otherwise, if the feelings are ignored with distractions or forcing yourself not to feel, the discomfort could spread even more.

This content was originally published on RED/ACCIÓN and is republished as part of the ‘Human Journalism’ program, an alliance for quality journalism between RÍO NEGRO and RED/ACCIÓN

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