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This Sunday there will be a general power outage in Cinco Saltos

by drbyos

The electricity distribution company Edersa reported that the power outage will take place on July 9, Independence Day, in Cinco Saltos. They assured that it will last much of this Sunday morning. Find out what the reasons are.

From Edersa they confirmed that the power cut It is due to maintenance work that will be carried out in the transformer station. “Due to maintenance work by Transcomahue, the supply of electricity will be interrupted,” they reported.

They explained that this cut It will affect the entire urban and rural area of ​​the city. will unfold This Sunday, July 9, from 08:30 to 14:30.

They detailed that “the cut It was approved by EPRE through note No. 353/23«, and can only be suspended or rescheduled due to unfavorable weather conditions.

What is the reason for the power outage in Cinco Saltos

As explained from Edersa, “Transcomahue it will eliminate a hot spot in a switch disconnector that will prevent an unexpected outage».

They asked customers to take the necessary measures to minimize the inconvenience that the lack of electricity can cause. They raised that hehe programmed outages are intended to ensure a better quality in the electricity supply

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