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This is how the seats of the Deliberative Council were formed

by drbyos

Ten days after the electoral elections in Cinco Saltos, the Electoral Board from the city reported the official results of the elections y how the seats of the Deliberative Council were formed from the city.

After the elections in Cinco Saltos ended, the community awaited the first results. After 22 on June 11, it was learned that Enrique Rossi of Avancemos Cinco Saltos was elected mayor.

The Electoral Board reported that the neighborhood party, Avancemos Cinco Saltos won with 3,521 votes, It was followed by Nos Une Río Negro with 2,721 votes, Cambia Cinco Saltos with 2,550 votes, while the candidate of the provincial ruling party obtained 1,979 votes. Of the ten lists that were presented, the UCR was the party that received the fewest votes, 212 votes.

These results determined how the seven seats of the local Deliberative Council are made up.

They informed that they will assume as councilors in December: two councilors of Avancemos Cinco Saltos: María Paz García and Luis Vicente Gonzales; Two of Change Five Jumps: Graciela Moreno and Carlos Damián Gonzales; two of Río Negro Unites Us: Mirta Beatriz Almanza and Carlos Federico Salazar, and a councilor from Juntos Somos Río Negro, Maria Celeste MacAulife. While the court of accounts will be in charge of Sebastián Andrés Crespo

In Río Negro, with the result of the municipal elections, it became clear that the strategy of the elected governor Alberto Weretilneck did not work. In most of the municipalities of the Alto Valle Oeste, the provincial ruling party suffered a defeat, since it only managed to maintain the municipalities of Cipolletti and Fernández Oro.

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