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This is how the new prices will be from tomorrow

by drbyos

The reference prices for sale to the public and for the fractionator and distributor segment will increase 4.01% from tomorrow to bottles of 10, 12 and 15 kilosas provided by the Ministry of Energy.

So, the values ​​for the 10 kilo jug will go from $783 to $814 for the fractionators; from $1,374 to $1,429 for the dealers; and from $1,443 to $1,501 for sale to the public.

In the case of units of 12 kiloyes, the prices max will be $977 for fractionators; $ 1,715 for distributors; and $1,801 for sale to the public.

Meanwhile, in those of 15 kilos will be $1,221 for the fractionators; $2,144 for distributors; and $ 2.251 for sale to the public.

For their part, the subsidies to carafe users included in the Hogar program they are located at $1,581.

The Home Program was created by decree 470 of March 30, 2015and its financing was established through the trust fund to meet the LPG needs of low-income sectors and for the expansion of natural gas networks, which had been established ten years earlier with Law 26,020.

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