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They will teach to be assistants in a gas plant through the UTN in Cutral Co

by drbyos

showed up today a course that will last four months and is intended for young people from Cutral Co and Plaza Huinculwho want to train as assistants gas conditioning plants. The Neuquén Regional Faculty of the UTN will be in charge of providing it. Registration is now open and will be hybrid.

The launch of this training took place at the CETU -Centro de Estudios Tertiarios y Universitarios- of the UTN, in Cutral Co and was attended by the director of the Pampa Energía Foundation, Pablo Díaz, taking into account that the company together with the municipalities of both cities They are in charge of promoting it.

At the ceremony, Díaz said that “this initiative will allow us to more inhabitants of Cutral Co and Plaza Huincul join a sector with a lot of presence in both localities and become protagonists of local development”. He highlighted the transformative power of education.

This course It will last for four months and will have face-to-face and virtual sessions -hybrid modality-. Among the requirements that must be met is to be over 18 years of age and to be a graduate of a technical school, in addition to residing in Cutral Co or Plaza Huincul. Registration is online and will be open until July 9 in the following form:

It can also be accessed through the website of the UTN Regional Faculty of Neuquén: www.frn.utn.edu.ar

At the event, Mayor José Rioseco stressed that the UTN, through training, “allows us to take advantage of all that human resource, with the delivery of this type of course.” He thanked both the Pampa Energía company and the Foundation because they continue “betting on the training of cadres from our oil region to facilitate entry into the workforce.”

Finally, Dean Pablo Liscovksy described how this type of training is developed and the “trust placed” because the faculty is chosen to provide the courses. Gabriela Gendana, who is in charge of the municipality of Plaza Huincul, was also present at the event.

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