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“They took her out in garbage bags and wrapped in a blanket,” said a prosecutor

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One of the prosecutors in the case investigating the death of Cecilia Strzyzowski indicated this Thursday that the 28-year-old “They took her out of the house inside garbage bags and wrapped in a blanket.”

“We have evidence that Cecilia entered the house at Santa María de Oro 1460, at 9:16 in the morning on June 2 and that she did not leave by her own means. That she believed that she was going to travel to Ushuaia, that’s why she packed her suitcase and said goodbye to her family,” she said. Jorge Gomez at a press conference.

“Her last Google searches were ‘how to pack a suitcase, where to buy chocolates in Buenos Aires, where to have the best coffee in Buenos Aires.’ With these data, she not only believed in that story of the trip, but also that she was excited. It was incorporated as evidence that the tickets were never purchased, no reservations were made by land or air“he added.

And he continued: “We were able to corroborate that after 6:00 p.m. that day, they left the house with garbage bags, in a suspicious attitude. It was entered as evidence that Under those bags would be Cecilia’s body, wrapped in a brown blanket that would belong to the Sena family’s house».

Then, the prosecutor added in his statement to the press other evidence collected from the case: “In the field of the Sena family, in what was called a pig’s shop, in a certain place there was a burn, where skeletal remains were found that are of a human person.”

“In the Tragadero river, remains of an adult person were also found and they correspond to a single person. They are not only bones of the hand and feet, but also remains of the skull,” he added.

“We also have accredited that from 12:13 p.m. to 1:03 p.m., Emerenciano, César Sena and Marcela Acuña were in the place,” he said.

Femicide of Cecilia Strzyzowski: pretrial detention for the seven defendants

The seven defendants for the femicide of Cecilia Strzyzowski, who was last seen on June 2 in the Chaco city of Resistencia, They were prosecuted with preventive detention, three of them as perpetrators of the act and four as concealersby a team of prosecutors who considered that the crime occurred on the same day of his disappearance and within the framework of an “unequal relationship of power and economic dependence.”

The measure of the Special Prosecutor Team (EFE) fell on Cecilia’s husband, Cesar Seine (19), to whom the authorship of the femicide is attributed; his parents, Emerenciano Seine (59) y Marcela Acuna (51), as co-authors of the murder; and about the driver Jose Gustavo Obregon (42), his wife fabiana gonzalez (36), the landlord of the camp of the main suspects, Gustavo Melgarejo (29), and her partner Griselda Reinoso (42), all of them accused of “aggravated concealment” of the crime (With information from Télam and NA).

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