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they raised the protest in front of Social Development

by drbyos

The Route 22 (Mosconi Avenue) was closed to traffic in the capital Neuquén. This was confirmed by the police, who organized traffic diversions prior to the blockade. The interruption to traffic is intermittent. The demonstrators are at the level of Anaya, but the uniformed are above Saavedra and Ignacio Rivas.

The conflict of the self-convened of the Ministry of Social Development began after the elections of April 16, in which the MPN lost the governorship. Was when they knew a decree of Januarywhich was not in the Official Gazette because it had been placed on reserve, and that ordered 516 passes to permanent staff.

the protesters They had assured that these are people who, for the most part, do not work in the area. Also, that unjustified recategorizations were given. They added that there is a case of someone working for the CALF public services cooperative and collecting the salary for Development. Also, that there is a person exonerated in 2017 for aggravated robbery, with house arrest, in addition to another who was recently appointed councilor.

As opposed, They denounce that the recategorizations are not complied with provided for in the collective labor agreement and that there are people who cannot retire because their salaries are very low because of this.

Lorena Zarate, a reference for the workers who have been complaining several days ago, reported that they had decided to lift the measure, but later they decided to return to prevent the passage of trucks to the Ministry of Social Development. She, on the other hand, informed that tomorrow they will have a meeting where their situation will be discussed and they hope to find solutions, meanwhile they will continue with the measure to make their claims visible.

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