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They raided the bunker where the drug dealer from America bought drugs: there were no arrests

by drbyos

The house in Balvanera where this Wednesday the journalist Fabián Rubino (America) bought a dose of cocaine live was raided after that transaction. Surprisingly, no drugs were seized at the site and no arrests were made.

Simultaneously, the neighbors scrambled today with graffiti and posters the place and questioned the inaction of the State and the City Justice.

Meanwhile, from the Buenos Aires Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) they criticized the action carried out yesterday by Rubino and said that it “harmed” an investigation that was It had been carried out for five months with undercover agents in which they tried to collect evidence to reach the drug lords who ran the place.

The procedure It was done after 20 last night -the purchase of the drug had been broadcast live minutes before 11:30-, in the building located on Sarmiento street at 3,100.

The raid was carried out by personnel from the North Anti-Drug Division and agents from the Judicial Investigation Corps (CIJ) of the city’s MPF who, according to sources, had already been investigating that site since February in the framework of a case in which an attempt was made to “find the traceability of the band”.

Sources from the City MPF clarified that it is the sixth time that the property has been searched – the last time was at Christmas – and that five months ago the Ufeide led by the prosecutor Cecilia Amil Martín was carrying out a complex investigation together with the City Police, with undercover agents, filming and other field tasks, to try to dismantle the entire structure, reach the bosses and not only arrest the occasional dealer.

«What Rubino did yesterday hurt us because when we searched, logically there was nothing. So that these criminals do not come and go, you have to make several accusations and you have to take the time to gather solid evidence. Now we are going to have to rethink another strategy »said a judicial spokesman.

The same source explained that as a result of the previous raids, at that address “there are people prosecuted” both in cases of the criminal jurisdiction of the city, as well as the criminal jurisdiction of the nation.

They raided the bunker where the drug dealer from America bought drugs: the neighbors protested again

As a result of the repercussion of the live purchase of cocaine, this morning, a group of residents of the place painted and placed posters on the door of the property, to scour the place and complain because they have been filing complaints for years, raids have been carried out, but the bunker is back in business.

«Absent Buenos Aires State”, “drug bunker denounced years ago”, “Barrio Balvanera, taken over by mafias”, “we want to live in peace”, “neighbors fed up with so much neglect on the part of the authorities”are some of the phrases left by the neighbors in front of the property.

«The neighbors denounced this drug bunker many times and years ago. He brings a lot of problems to the neighborhood: robberies, addicts at all hours and nothing happens. This is the fifth time this place has been raided and I don’t see any bricks or closing it down. It will pass like a week and they sell again“Luisina told the C5N channel.

«One of the answers is that this property that is taken cannot be walled up because they need to find the owner to ask permission. It’s a tease. We want them to close it, to put bricks in it“he added.

Another neighbor, Eduardo, said: “This neighborhood, which has been abandoned, is totally neglected and out of control. The problem is drugs, they have to get the money to steal. The journalist was not armed, they have impunity to sell. The Police are standing half a block away, they are young police officers who can’t do anything.”

Gloria Llopiz Ortiz, from the NGO “Buenos Vecinos BA”, told the C5N news channel that “the search is always carried out late” and, in relation to the fact that the procedure last night, carried out eight hours later, was of the opinion that “obviously there was not going to be anyone, neither those who sold, nor the drugs in the place”.

«The people who live in this place who are vulnerable and have nothing to do with the sale of drugs. There are 12 children. They told us that while these drug managers are here, they have to ask for permission to come and go, there is like a doorman who opens the door for them and closes them, they are kidnapped by the drug traffickers who took over the place,” said Llopiz Ortiz.

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