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They investigate the death of a young man that occurred during the early morning in Cutral Co

by drbyos

This morning, the police found a 28-year-old man without life inside your home, in the neighborhood Peñi Trapún de Cutral Co. The body has already been removed from the place and sent to Neuquén where an autopsy will be performed to determine whether or not it was a violent death. The investigation is underway.

It was unofficially known that it is a boy named Montenegrowho lived alone in a house in the Peñi Trapún neighborhood of Cutral Co.

From the prosecutor’s office on duty, Gabriela Macaya confirmed to RÍO NEGRO thatthat the discovery occurred today, around 2 am today. Initially, the victim’s family was unable to maintain contact and a relative approached the house on 22 de Octubre and Buta Ranquil, in the Peñi Trapún neighborhood and observed that he was stretched out and lifeless.

The police were immediately notified and a police mobile arrived at the scene, confirming that the boy, 28 years old was lifeless. «The cause of death has not yet been established and the place has been surveyed. We must wait for the result of the autopsy that will reveal the reasons for his death, “he clarified.

The prosecutor described that although it could be a death of violent origin, they still do not have sufficient elements to determine that this was the case. “We are working with several lines of investigation,” pointed.

Macaya confirmed that once the first expert reports from the place were completed, the body was removed and its transfer to Neuquén was arranged, where it will undergo the corresponding autopsy.

What is known is that the young man lived alone in that house. During the first hours of today, the place was surveyed again to add more elements that allow the clarification of the fact.

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