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they hit him and broke his car

by drbyos

Saturday morning a Cipolletti taxi driver was attacked by six subjects at the entrance to the Cipolletti casino. The event occurred around 3. The Fourth Commissioner and the prosecutor’s office intervene in the event.

He Commissioner of Cipolletti’s Fourth UnitJosé Gonzáles reported that around 3 o’clock police personnel intervened in a disturbance near Route 22 near the road post. According to the first statements, some young people would have attacked a taxi driver.

The commissioner indicated that the victim was assisted by medical personnel. The taxi driver stated that he was working at the time the incident occurred.

According to what he said, he had just left a ticket in Neuquén when, between the bridge and the road, he observed young people running out of the nightclub throwing stones. One of the stones hit the bumper of the car, Faced with this event, the taxi driver stopped on the road, when he observed that the road had cleared, he continued working.

Upon reaching the entrance of the casino, he saw two of the young men and asked them to tell him who had thrown the stone.to. The taxi driver stated that the young man told him that he had nothing to do with it and left. As he left, he fell to the floor, then the other young man who accompanied him believed that he had pushed him. He told her “that you hit my brother.” The young man approached aggressively and kicked the car door, causing the taxi driver to fall to the ground.

Once on the ground, they hit him on the head and body, along with others who were leaving the casino. “There were between 6 and 8 people,” said the taxi driver. they provoked him injuries in it facea fissure in a rib and they left him a broken septum.

The police station reported that as a result of the incident one of the young men was delayed who is of legal age, and intervention was given to the prosecutor’s office on duty.

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