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They found two victims from Paraguay in a house

by drbyos

Two women from Paraguay were rescued in a raid on a house in Neuquén under a case investigated by the Naval Prefecture for alleged sexual exploitation. the domicile it was shut down.

This weekend, the Naval Prefecture carried out a raid on the house in Neuquén for alleged sexual exploitation e Two female victims of Paraguayan nationality were identified.

The operation took place in a main residencewhich would be used as “private” and two other apartments within the same lot.

Besides, they kidnapped cell phones, cocaine, mobile phone chips and documentation of interest to the cause. He raided home was closed.

The procedure was ordered by the Federal Court No. 2 of Neuquén, in charge of Judge Gustavo Villanueva, with instructions from the prosecutor María Cristina Beute, from the Federal Prosecutor’s Office No. 2

It was carried out together with members of the National Program for the Rescue and Accompaniment of People Affected by the Crime of Human Trafficking (PNR).

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