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They found an endangered animal in raids in Centenario

by drbyos

Yesterday, the Centenario police carried out several raids simultaneously under a cause for threats by firearm. During the proceedings, they kidnapped several elements, but The most striking thing was the discovery of an endangered animal, for which reason the Environmental Crimes Prosecutor’s Office was given intervention. Besides, four people were delayed.

The investigation began in Junewhen a resident of Centenario reported having been approached by a group of people who were moving in a vehicle. one of the subjects He got out and threatened him with a firearm, and later they all fled.

The proceedings allowed identify addresses in the town and identify the alleged perpetrators the fact. Finally, Justice authorized the raids that were carried out yesterday simultaneously in six homes.

The raids, carried out by police personnel from Police Stations 5 and 52, with the collaboration of the UESPO Department and the Metropolitan Security Department, they allowed four subjects to be delayed, two of them linked to the fact under investigation.

Police personnel managed to hijack the car that would have been used at the time of the event and recover allegedly stolen tools. Besides, 100 cocaine hydrochloride wrappers were foundwho were kidnapped by the Anti-Narcotics Department and cash.

What was striking was that in one of the buildings, Police personnel found a copy of Piche, a species that is in danger of extinction. It was handed over to the Fauna Rangers to put it under protection, as provided by the Environmental Crimes Prosecutor’s Office.

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