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They fear for schools and the North Patagonian hospital

by drbyos

The companies that group the construction industry (Camarco) await a meeting with the government of the province to restore the fluidity of payments for the progress of work. From the union they warned that the suspension of personnel began and that the school buildings They will be the first affected.

The delay in the payment of the certifications has from 3 to 6 months in some works, which made it difficult (with a greater impact on smaller companies) to meet the deadlines for bidding progress.

This was expressed by Giulio Retamal, head of the Argentine Chamber of Construction (Camarco) when asked by BLACK RIVER after a joint statement with the Construction Union last week.

From the UOCRA, it was announced that In San Patricio del Chañar, there were already 25 workers fired from school projects. «There are medium to large companies that can wait, and others that are not”, said Víctor Carcar, from the UOCRA. He assured that specifically they are contractors of school works, among them l364 in El Chañar and 360 in Centenario. In the same situation is the construction of EPET 23 in Añelo.

When inquiring about some routes, he specified that the type of mixed budget implies that they are less affected by delays. “It mainly affects to school works, many would have to be tending now in July or August.” the unionist maintained

«The situation is similar throughout the country because the Nation delayed payments; we are Concerned about the Norpatagónico hospitalwhere there are more than 200 workers. In Río Negro it also happens, more than 1,000 homes are about to stop, “said Cárcar.

Meeting in Buenos Aires last week, Comarco representatives revealed delays “from 3 to 6 months” in the agreed paymentsIt depends on the size of the work, according to his associates.

«Each company measures how long it can sustain the financing of the work, but with current inflation levels of 7.8% or more, with four months of delay in payments for example, sexceeds the financing capacity of the company, which is also tied to bank financing in some cases,” said Retamal.

The business representative stressed that There are firms “very borderline” and that is why they are requiring a audience with Governor Omar Gutiérrez to talk about regularizing payments. “This affects workers and suppliers,” she said. He insisted that the proposal will be that pay for public works should be prioritized.

When requesting details on which are most affected, he pointed out works that the province inaugurated in December “and there are unpaid certificates”, while he stressed that the price redeterminations (updates in the value of the work due to increases in materials or labor costs) did not compensate late arrears for the number of months of delay in the liquidation. “They are paying late certificates, without interest; It’s not the same,” she pointed out.

Among the most complicated public works due to the late payment scheme, he said that they are those dependent on the Ministry of Works, those of UPEFE and those financed by ADUS, among others.

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