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They extended the preventive for the accused of a crime that occurred in Chichinales

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The Villa Regina prosecutor requested a three-month extension of the precautionary measure of preventive detention that the man is serving accused of the murder of Rodrigo Ramón Segovia, which occurred on March 3 in Chichinales.

“It is requested that this measure be extended for the conduct assumed by the man at the time he would have committed the act.” The prosecution argued to extend the measure bearing in mind the flight risk, the seriousness of the act, the legal qualification of “simple homicide”, the entity of the penalty, the evidence that has been collected during this time.

“In addition, we have already requested the accusation control hearing that will allow us to move towards the trial, and the Judicial Office has set it for the end of July,” added the prosecutor in the case.

The complaint, for its part, adhered in full to the measure. While the public criminal defense that assists the detainee stated that “for this part the term is disproportionate and bears no relation to the evidence that remains to be produced, if the measure is extended it could be until the day of the accusation control.”

Finally, The intervening magistrate resolved that the measure be extended for the term requested by the accusing parties, for this reason the accused will continue to be detained.

The case

The Public Prosecutor’s Office charged the 29-year-old subject with the murder of Segovia.

According to the prosecutor’s accusation, “the event occurred in Chichinales, on March 3, around 10:45 p.m., in the area of ​​the gamelas of a productive farm in said town.”

“The defendant and the victim would have had a discussion, and as a result they began to fight, an issue that culminated when Segovia received an injury caused by the defendant, with a knife Tramontina type in the left thorax sector, which caused his death,” explained the prosecutor’s team.

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