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they became friends photographing whales and today they present this incredible sample

by drbyos

The full moon and the whale. @fotero_patagonico

If you like nature photographs and you are in Puerto Madryn or you plan to go to this paradise on the Chubut coast, you have an appointment of honor: the spectacular collective exhibition “Between Heaven, Sea and Earth” which will open this Sunday 9 at 7 pm at the Hotel Rayentay.

Elephant seal. @juancarloslobos2008 Salmon. @roberlistro

They will exhibit their work Luis Pereyra (Patagonian Fotero)who will present photographs of coastal and urban landscapes; Nani Pegorarowith his photographs of the sky, the Milky Way and stars; Juan Carlos Lobosfauna and wildlife of the region and Robert A. List with his underwater photographs.

Wonders of the Patagonian sky. @patagoniasky

Under the auspices of the Undersecretary of Culture of the Municipality of Puerto Madryn, they will exhibit photographs with different themes and from different perspectives and views of the city. The exhibition will have 16 photographs4 works for each one, in the measures of 60cm x 40cm.

They made friends photographing whales and dolphins

The friendship between the four arose while photographing southern right whales in Las Canteras beach and in photographic outings of dolphin sightings frent to the coasts of Puerto Madryn. It was something natural, sharing talks and sensations between mate and mate.

Full moon and whales in Las Canteras. @fotero_patagonico

Time after, At a dinner with friends, the idea of ​​making a photographic exhibition came up. on the whole. “For the mere fact of giving ourselves a treat, without expecting financial compensation,” they explain.

Whybetween the sky, the sea and the earth? So that each one exposes photographs of Puerto Madryn and surrounding areas about their daily activity with the camera. And because not all people have the opportunity to observe the attractions that the city offers its residents.

One by one the photographers who will exhibit

* Luis Pereira. Born in the city of Viale, Entre Ríos. In 1985 he settled in the city of Puerto Madryn, Chubut. Patagonian Fotero in the networks, He is passionate about showing the beauties of the city. He participated in the photographic exhibition “Magia y color”, together with other photographers in the House of Culture of the city of Trelew – Chubut, and later that exhibition was transferred to the Deliberative Council of the city of Puerto Madryn – Chubut.

Whales in Las Canteras. @fotero_patagonico

He was interviewed several times by the BLACK RIVER Journal, fruit of his career and photographic recognition. And for the television program “We are all connected” broadcast by the TV Pública channel (TVP), hosted by Sergio Goycochea and Noelia Antonelli.

Nani Pegoraro. Born in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe. In 1993 she settled in the city of Puerto Madryn, Chubut. Professional Tourism Guide of the Province of Chubut, Professional Astronomical Tourism TAP Guide Matr. 00062. She created and founded Patagoniasky.

Wonders of the Patagonian sky. @patagoniasky

He completed the Initial Astronomy course. In 2020 he participated in an Astronomy and Astrotourism Symposium in the Province of MisionesAstronomy courses for Naturalists, Initial and Advanced Meteorology, Astrotourism workshop, talks given by the Planetarium of the city of Buenos Aires on Discovering, Observing and Enjoying the sky, Side B of the Solar System, Special effects in the sky, obtained training in Night Photography.

Wonders of the Patagonian sky. @patagoniasky

He published one of his photographs in the popular science magazine “Si muove”. In 2021 he participated in the Gualjaina Experience Night Photography meeting, Astronomy courses, A trip through the universe, Tourism in nature and in Cultural heritage sites, Inclusive Astronomy, and at the Trelew Astronomical Center, he took the Astrotourism course .

* Juan Carlos Lobos. Born in the city of Río Mayo, Chubut. In 1983 he settled in the city of Puerto Madryn, Chubut. Tour guide since 2008, he complements his profession with wildlife photography in protected areas of Punta Tombo and Península Valdés, Natural Heritage of Humanity.

Mara with her chicks. @juancarloslobos2008Giant pirouettes in El Doradillo. @juancarloslobos2008

In 2018 he took the Initial and Advanced Photography courses.

* Robert A. List. Born in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe. In 2015 he settled in the city of Puerto Madryn, Chubut. He specialized as dive guide, Dive Master SSI N° 87615, Motor Sailing Yacht Skipper, Third-class professional motorcyclist Skipper.

Crab. @roberlistro

In 2018 he completed the Initial and Advanced Terrestrial Photography course, and Initial Underwater Photography. In the year 2019 Advanced course underwater photography, and participated in the 5th Meeting of Underwater Photographers of Argentina. Later in 2021 she took courses in Editing, Cinema, and Nature Video, and participated in the 6th Meeting of Underwater Photographers of Argentina. In May 2022 she took the Documentary Film course.

Coralimorfo. @roberlistro

He worked for a local audiovisual producer taking photographs in El Pedral and on board trips to watch dolphins. He acquired his photographs of birds, and photographs and video of sea urchins, for the promotion of a locally produced research company. Since then he has mounted and participated in photographic exhibitions and his images have won first prizes and mentions in prestigious contests.

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