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they asked for up to six years in prison for the convicted instructors

by drbyos

On the last day of the caesura trial, the request for sentences for the convicted Alejandro Gattoni, Alfredo Nahuelcheo, the Río Negro Police officer who died during a training course for members of the Special Operations and Rescue Corps that took place in Bahía Creek in April 2021. Marcelo Contreras and Maximiliano Vitali Méndez for the manslaughter of Gabriel Mandagaray,

Prosecutor Guillermo Ortiz requested this Monday sentences of up to six years in prisonn for those convicted in May for the crimes of co-perpetrators of culpable homicide and abuse of authority for the death of officer Mandagaray.

In the penalty debate, Prosecutor Ortiz required six years in prison and 8 years of special disqualification to hold positions in the police force again for Alejandro Gattoni (coordinator of the group of instructors) and Alfredo Nahuelcheo (in charge of the team that made up the victim).

While, for Maximiliano Vitali Méndez (instructor who enteredo to water) asked for five years ; and four years and six months for Marcelo Contreras (instructor).

«We are not facing a simple distractionwe are facing a case of serious guilt for the connotations that I am giving and for all the risks that they made the students run, “said the prosecutor.

He also explained that he separated two of those responsible for whom he requested the highest sentences: Nahuelcheo “who was always present in all the humiliating practices” and Gattoni “that he should have controlled the activity and did not.”

For Vitali Mendez, who entered the water with the group, asked for one year less (five effective prison terms) and 4 and a half years for Contreras, “who, although he did not actively participate, did nothing to prevent what happened.” For all four, he required special 8-year disqualification from holding positions in the police force.

The plaintiff lawyer Torres and the prosecutor Ortiz at the final hearing of the cesura trial. Photo: Marcelo Ochoa.

Later, the lawyer Damián Torres, who represents the Mandagaray family, proposed the same sanctions for Gattoni and Nahuelcheo, but with a higher penalty of 12 years of disqualification from their police positionsWhile for Vitali requested six years and one month in prison, with 12 years of administrative penalty; and to Contreras, four years and six months, with eight years of disqualification.

Instead the defense of the convicted, who are in charge of Fernando Ramoa and Pablo Iribarren (Gattoni), Manuel Maza and Luciano Perdriel (Nahuelcheo), Armando Salazar (Contreras) and Santiago Güenomil and Valentina Baigorria (Vitali Méndez) They requested a minimum of one year and six months, which means that they are sentences of conditional compliance.

At the close of the arguments, the condemned were offered to speak and the only one who Alejandro Gattoni took the floorwhich made reference to a kind of protocol to be developed in future COER trainings.

The Gattoni course coordinator was the only one who spoke. Photo Marcelo Ochoa

Development five basic points and stated that “I would like the name of this project to be in honor of Gabrielbecause I think that the COER units must compensate Gabriel, beyond the result of this ».

After the closure of this caesura trial and with the closure of the allegations, the court made up of Carlos Reussi, Marcelo Álvarez and Ignacio Gandolfi He will have five business days to announce the sentence for each of those convicted of the death of the Rio Negro Police officer, Gabriel Mandagaray.

Photo: Marcelo Ochoa

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