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there is contact with the police and the family

by drbyos

This Sunday the search for Agostina Eluney Bascur, a teenager from Neuquén who is Missing since Saturday night. The NATI Alert was issued and an investigation began that achieved communications with Bascur.

The search for Bascur arose as a result of the complaint made by his mother. The commissioner Inspector Fabián Ramírez indicated that the adolescent he was absent from his brother’s house on Saturday night. « Other a meet some friends but did not specify where,” he said.

The teenager reported that he would return after midnight, but he did not arrive at his house and after two in the morning her mother filed a complaint at the police station.

“There is permanent contact with the adolescent, both with us and with the family,” Ramírez said. In addition, he added that he stated not wanting to go home.

The commissioner commented that Bascur asked his family for money for expenses and that he reported that It’s at a friend’s and in good condition of health. Are waiting find his whereabouts this Monday.

They are looking for a teenager from Neuquén: Nati Alert

They described that the adolescent Agostina Eluney Bascur is from slim physical build, 1.65 meters tall, Fair complexion, dark eyes, long, straight dark hair, with bangs.

At the time of the disappearance, he was wearing blue jeans with tears in the knee area, white Nike sneakers, and a black neoprene jacket.

For any information, contact the Homicide Prosecutor’s Office or the 21st Police Station (0299-446-1577).

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