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The Vuelta de la Manzana Regional starts, what time is the symbolic start

by drbyos

Con the symbolic start, scheduled for today at 8:00 p.m., will close the one prior to the 52nd edition of the Vuelta de la Manzana that will have its version for the Regional Rally in Roca, a great appetizer for the test that between August 4 and 6 will be held by the Argentine.

The new edition of the legendary testone of the companies with the longest history in motorsports in the country, will correspond to the fourth date of a contest that delivered attractive shows and promises a demanding Apple.

Among the main figures that the Regional Rally has and those who did not resist the temptation of being part of the historic test organized by the AVGR, which celebrates its 60 years, gathered a large number of participants between the different categories.

The Special Tests of the Tour of the Apple

The movement began yesterday with the administrative and technical verifications, plus the survey of the sections PE-1 and 4, Huergo-Godoy (13.90 kilometers); PE-2 and 5, Regina-Parque Industrial (9.20 kilometers), and PE-3 and 6, Cervantes-Cantera de Cervantes (13.30 kilometers).all of the first stage.

Today, between 9 and 16, it will be the turn for the PE-7, San Cayetano-Aeroclub de Cinco Saltos (6.60 kilometers), PE-8. Bridge El 30 (Cipolletti)-Allen Autodrome (12.60 kilometers); PE-9, Cantera Estevez-Roca Airport (10.70 kilometers), and PE-10, Route 6-Defensa Catini (11.80 kilometers). From 14 to 16, meanwhile, the time will come to the PE-11, Autodromo de Roca-Autodromo (3.00 kilometres).

They go through the ramp in the run-up to the Vuelta de la Manzana

The activity will continue at 8:00 p.m., from the ramp located at 25 de Mayo and Avenida Rocawhere the symbolic start will take place, a true classic that gathers a crowd and that will deliver the first points for the participants of this new edition of the Apple.

After, to wait for the engines to start and the 83 crews to face the first stage of La Manzana starting tomorrow at 9:43 a.m.which will be the only one that will repeat sections and that can become a filter.

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